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Someone Like Me
#102 in Rock SongVault Certified
Someone Like Me
The EP
Length: 5:00
On Network Since Aug 31, 2008
Jensen UK
SongVault Certified Artist Jensen UK

Leeds, United Kingdom

Singer/Songwriter / Indie Pop

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Jensen says he’s been writing since he was a kid really, but in those days there wasn’t an awful lot to tell apart from the usual teenage angst and protests, now he’s jacked a few more years up, lived a little, loved a little, and been screwed over a lot, he reckons there’s a lot more to say about life in general.

His music is an eclectic mix and crossover of AC/Soft Rock that can only be described as grown up Pop.

You feel that you know the song and the voice, even though you never heard it before . . . because Jensen has that special quality that captivates an audience right from the first line.His songs are stories about life, love, feelings, and about situations that we all seem to encounter at some point in life.

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