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Another Man's Treasure
#195 in Folk SongVault Certified
Another Man's Treasure
The Jen Mize Collective
Length: 4:00
On Network Since Nov 30, 2010
Murderer's Row
#26 in Blues SongVault Auditions
Murderer's Row
The Jen Mize Collective
Acoustic Blues
Length: 4:45
On Network Since Nov 30, 2010
Jen Mize
SongVault Certified Artist Jen Mize

Sunshine Coast
Queensland, Australia

Folk / Acoustic Blues

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If James Taylor, Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Wonder and Tom Waits got together to write, you might hear something like the songs of Jen Mize- a soulful, bluesy vocal mixed with alluring melodies and a dash of the melancholy.

A Southern girl, Jen is part Native American (Lumbee) and like the blood that runs through her veins, her music is a melting pot mixing Americana, Soul and Jazz.

Jen recently followed love to the Sunshine Coast of Australia and discovered a place full of inspiration for her music.

An accomplished singer, passionate storyteller and old soul, Jen conveys an innate understanding of the human condition through her insightful lyrics and honey-dipped melodies.

Jen�s songs, like her cornbread, are rich, warm, tasty, and filled with love.
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