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What You Need To Know
#439 in Pop SongVault Certified
What You Need To Know
Single - What You Need To Know
Indie Pop
Length: 3:07
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You Got Me Getting Excited
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You Got Me Getting Excited
My Beta Music
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Jelixa's Funk
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Jelixa's Funk
My beta Music
Indie Pop
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SongVault Certified Artist Jelixa

Texas, United States

Indie Pop / Dance Pop

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Jelixa is a Pop/House Recording Artist Sensation, born November 6, 1980 in Brooklyn, New York, to Puerto Rican parents just like Jennifer Lopez, except J.lo was born in the Bronx. At the age of two Jelixa would dance on the coffee table and imitate the famous performer from Puerto Rico “Iris Chacon”, a very popular singer/ dancer from Puerto Rico. As she progressed to the age of four, Jelixa would grab a hairbrush, remote control etc… and start imitating other singers. That’s when the real first glimpse of her potential to someday become a dancer and singer was noticed.

At four and half years old Jelixa’s father past away, and a year later her mom moved to Texas and took Jelixa and Jelixa’s older brother along with her. But even after the death of Jelixa’s father, she would always dance to the Latin and Motown Music her mother played daily, and Jelixa would once again, as usual, be found dancing and singing to Marc Anthony, The Supremes, Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna and other artist’s songs.

While attending Watauga Middle School, Jelixa joined the Choir; it was obvious to those who heard and knew her that the love of music was in her! She was chosen by a group of girls from her school to play as “Jazmine” from the Disney Movie Alladdin, and she continued to stay in Choir all through Haltom High School as she competed in singing competitions and won medals.

Once Jelixa graduated from High School she started going to college to Major in Physical Therapy. She later quit school to work at Sam’s Club/Wal-Mart for eight and one halve years so she could help her mother financially, for her mother was very much in need of Jelixa’s help. One unique thing that stands out about Jelixa, is that even while working daily at Sam’s Club/Wal-Mart, music was never far from her mind. So she decided that her favorite show “American Idol” was the place that could help her make her dream come true. She appeared on American Idol and sung a Christina Aguilera song, but unfortunately like many others, she was not chosen. So she decided the next year she would try again, but a tumor was found on her thyroid and she had to have surgery. Thank God it was not malignant, but an additional fear was brought on by what the doctors had said, “she’s at risk of her vocal being scarred”….all went well.

Again destiny would play its part, but this time for the better. Through Jelixa’s mom, Jelixa met Michael Bell, Music Producer, and CEO of Indie Label Bell Time Records. Michael heard Jelixa sing and spoke to her about producing her as a Pop/House artist….surely Jelixa is now on her way to fulfilling her dreams. For all that she’s gone through, and for the committed love she has shown to her mother over the years, Jelixa is bound to be a start soon to shine!

Jelixa’s desire is that the world will accept and love her music. With your support, her family and Bell Time Records, maybe one day her living room stage will become a real one, and the coffee tables she use to sing on will possibly become a precious memory for her to tell her future children about! Surely the recording of her debut single “Are You The One For Me” has a unique story line to fit with her bio. It was in her house living room that her vocals were produced, recorded and nuxed to be heard by all of you!

As of this writing Jelixa is employed at CLEARVIEW EYECARE AND LASER CENTER. Selling and fitting designer eyeglasses on clients from such prominent Designers as: Judith Leiber, Daniel Swarovski, Silhouette, Giorgio Armani, Prada, Italee, Oakley, Adidas, Nike and Gucci, plus many others, is what Jelixa does for her company. She hopes her music career will someday afford her to own and wear to her concerts and events her own wear. Jelixa is truly a sensation to know, watch and listen to.
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