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Georgia, United States

Rhythm & Blues / Soul

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From the moment she stood on top of a washing machine at the local laundromat and gave an impromptu performance of Anita Ward's "Ring My Bell" at the age of two, Jamitta's mother knew she was born to sing.

Born to a Haitian mother and a father of Native-American and African-American descent, Jamitta grew up listening to a variety of different styles of music from R&B, Funk, Soul and Rock to Merengue, Zouk, Gospel, and Classical. As a child, she taught herself to read music and begged her mother to give her piano lessons, but her family couldn't afford it and she focused on singing. By the time she was 7 years old, she
had written her first song, performed for the governor, and held the lead in a handful of her school's music productions. It was at this time that her mother enrolled her in a school for the performing arts. Here, Jamitta learned to play several instruments including the violin and viola, and learned music composition. Music became Jamitta's best friend and the love of her life. "I would sit in my room and listen to Prince and something would awake within me. I just wanted to do what he does, and be musically free."

Now, Jamitta is ready to show the world what she can do. Her soulful voice channels such greats as Aretha Franklin, Betty Wright, and Millie Jackson. As a songwriter, her lyrics speak the words and experiences of a no nonsense but vulnerable woman, and in her music you hear the influence of the variety of styles she has learned along the way. She is currently working on her as yet titled debut album.

Jamitta has stepped out and is now showing the world what she was born to do - sing.
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