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Turn It Around
#19 in Reggae SongVault Certified
Turn It Around
Words Power On Sound
Length: 4:34
On Network Since May 20, 2007
Jah Jah Yute
SongVault Certified Artist Jah Jah Yute

Kingston & Montego Bay
Jamaica, US-New Jersey


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Root Rock Reggae Artist Jah Jah Yute. Born and raised in the parish of Hanover Jamaica in an area called Rock Springs.

Jah Jah's fans say he has spiritual lyrics and sounds like Bob Marley and Admiral Tibit amd Gregory Issacs.

From Mo-Bay to Kingston, Jah Jah Yute and his Roots Rock Reggae style has shared the stage and been featured with such artist as Vibe Cartelm George Nooks, Paul Elliott, Ken Booth and many more.

His current album includes the hit GUN SHOT BLAZES, is a song of social conscience that asks why are brothers killing brothers and sisters killing sisters... It seems like they don't remember their Father... It's a shame theu lost their culture... The other tracks on the album are UNWANTED CHILD, SO MUCH THINGS TO SAY and PEACE IN THE HEART CHILDREN UNITE, NO WAR, etc.
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