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Texas, United States

HipHop / Rap / HipHop / Rap

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The Official Bio
The Official Bio of JaFeezie

JaFeezie pronounced(jay-fee-zie)was born in Kingston New York on Jan 25th 1974.At the age of two JaFeezie moved to Dallas,Texas with his dad due to a Divorce.At the age of 8 JaFeezie was introduced to a piano,from there on music became a soul insperation to JaFeezie.Teaching himself how to play JaFeezie quiclky began to put words to the music of the piano.By the age of 10 JaFeezie became familiar with rap music.The sounds of Kool Moe Dee,Run-Dmc,LL Cool J and the old school rap we all became to love,it was around that time that breakdancing was huge with the movies such as Krush Grove and Breakdancing giving spark to the breakdancing era.At the age of 11 was when JaFeezie first picked up a pencil and wrote his thoughts on paper,not knowing that what he was writing was poems in the form of rap.JaFeezie would always stay in trouble with the teachers at school and in trouble with his dad because he would never do any of his homework,He would just write raps in the spiral notebook he had.At the age of 12 JaFeezie moved to Topeka ,Kansas to stay with his aunt because him and his DaD could not get along.It was there in Topeka that JaFeezie began to grow not only in his writing and rapping but mentaly and phyiscal growing.While attending school in Topeka Kansas JaFeezie would Rap Battle any one that thought they had skills and would out rap them Hands Down.Untill one day JaFeezie met his match a young kid by the name of Dewey Washington(evilloc)the two battled day after day at school untill they decided to start the first ever rap group in Topeka called Def Style.Performing all over Topeka,people there began to love thier style.This went on for sbout 2 yrs untill the day JaFeezie had to move back to Texas.Still into music and hip hop JaFeezie still continued rapping and started Hustlin.From the age of 18 till the age on 27 JaFeezie gave up on rapping and left it alone.Since the age of 27 JaFeezie has been back in the game strong,brushing up on his skills,studying the rap game,the business side of the game and the artist side of the game.So at the age on 32 was when JMK MUSIC GROUP was formed.Taking notes from [multimillionaires)Master P,Sean Combs,Jay-z, was all the inspiration it took to start his own record label.Now with his first ever nationally album being released in March of 2007,the world has yet to feel the wrath of JaFeezie.

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