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Ivan Daigle
Ivan Daigle

New Brunswick, Canada

Classic Country / Honky Tonk

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Over the course of the last 10 years Ivan Daigle has grown from local country musicís scenes favorite young rising star to an exiting concert performer, he has shared the stage with some of the finest East Coast Musicians - ECMA Winners the Divorcees, ECMA Nominee Kevin Chase, Chris Cummings, Scott and Gerald Delhunty, Melanie Morgan and most recently "The Wilkinson's" Either playing solo or with the back up band "In the Pocket", Ivan's concerts are always full of surprises, from a tender ballad to a hard driving country song, Ivan's shows are unpredictable. He spans country generations with ease and keeps fans entertained all night long. His performances are genuine and he has the ability to tailor his shows to the audiences that he performs for.

Whether its a small crowd of 3 or a sold out auditorium, Ivan hits the mark. Songwriting since the age of 10, Ivan has taken his emotions, put them into words and set those words to music and taken us to places that some of us have never been before, wish we were at now or almost wish we could forget. Even though Ivan Daigle hasn't got a Grammy on his mantle (yet) he has won first place in several singing competitions. Most recently in Summerside PEI the Atlantic Starr where Ivan beat out 14 other competitors. For Ivan, entertaining his fans is the most important part about performing, whether he makes you cry, laugh or a little shocked he promises a good time. Canadian country music fans may remember Ivan from his first recording in the early 90's, "Makin' Love doesn't Make it Love", produced by Randall Prescott 2-time Canadian Country Music Producer of the Year and member of Canadian Country Music Royalty the Family Brown. Currently residing in New Brunswick with his wife, two daughters and his dog Fred.
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