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Ipwjdoo8 Ipwjdoo8

Louisiana, France

Emo / Industrial

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Company Purpose:make the sky bluer, water cleaner, ground greener, and people comfier
Company Culture:United-Club together and struggle continulusly
Practical-Pursue truth, be practical and be faithful
Struggling-Always, be forliludinous and indefatigable
Creative-Pursue the excellence and try to be first-class
Huzhou Sennuo Fluorine Material Technology Limited Company is a hi-tech company focusing on the research and development of the varicosity PTFE microporous membrane and it’s related compounded products.The company lies in the north of Zhejiang province, to the east of Shanghai, to the south of the west of Tianmu mountain. The company is to the north of Tai Lake,across which there are Wuxi and Suzhou.Huzhou is the only one city in the name of the lake in the Tai Lake region. There is developed transportation in the city.
The main businesses of the company are:the products used in atmosphere dust elimination and air purification (PTFE air filter film ),the products used in liquid filtration and wastewater treatment (PTFE hydrophile filter film),products used in medicine, food, biology engineering and other industries(PTFE bacteria separation film),products used in electronic heat radiation water-resistant permeable baffle and screening materials(PTFE water-resistant film),and the water-resistant moisture transmission and guarding products used in clothing industry. The company focuses on the research and development of the new generation products with the professional colleges and institutes in China.
PTFE air filter filmPTFE bacteria separation filmPTFE hydrophile filter film
Currently we have two production lines for film making with the annual production of 3 million square meters ePTFE microporous film,2 compounded production lines for multi-categories products, and the ability to compound various filter and clothing materials. With the development of the company, the research and development of the new products have become the core-competitiveness of our company.
China Bacteria Separation Film manufacturers
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