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Black Splinter
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Black Splinter
Heavy Metal
Length: 3:31
On Network Since Jun 9, 2007
Internal Defect
SongVault Certified Artist Internal Defect

Arizona, United States

Heavy Metal / Indie Rock

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Band Members:
Jeremy Bias- vocals, guitar
John Hall- guitar
Phil Sanchez- bass
Steve Burns- drums

Recent News:
Internal Defect or I.D. is excited to have just released their debut album, ****This****. It is available fo download now through the band's myspace page, and will be available soon at and Zia Records.

Band Bio:
The internal defect is that part of each human that weakens the soul, and allows societys wrong-doing to penetrate your life and activity. The music of Internal Defect reflects upon the temptations, pain, trials, and frustrations of youth. The thoughtful, and sometimes angry words of the music are delivered to you in a powerful wall of sound, best described as melodic grunge metal that is written and played to match the emotion of the story being told. Internal Defect has been together for the last 6 years. Currently, they are promoting their first full length CD titled **** THIS ****, released in May, 2007. As for thier style... its very unique. Jeremys (lead singer) main influences are Static-X and Mudvayne. Phil (bassist) is a combination of old Metallica and grunge/punk songs, Johns (lead guitarists) main influences are Korn and Slipknot, while the Steves (drummer) are Tool and Deftones. The unique combination of musical tastes end up creating a new sound of metal, that at first intregues the ear, but then pleases it soon after. There is no other band that sounds quite like Internal Defect. Feel free to email any questions or comments to us, we will be glad to reply!

Band Info:
Internal Defect can be found on myspace at where they have over 5000 fans and receive over 100 plays a day. They are currently working on improving their official website,, and hope to have it up and running soon. I.D. is very active with promotions and fan interaction. They hold a party for the fans every 2nd Saturday of the month at the band house, and is currently forming a dedicated street team in Phoenix. They are very creative with their promotions. In a recent photo shoot, the guys covered themselves with motor oil and rolled in the dirt for a while. It was pretty grueling, and John the guitarist ended up accidentally getting a mouthful of the oil, but it made for some compelling photos. Please visit the myspace page for a closer insight as to what ID really looks and sounds like.
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