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Street Barzzzzz(Prod by GhostRyder867)
#713 in HipHop / Rap SongVault Certified
Street Barzzzzz(Prod by GhostRyder867)
HipHop / Rap
Length: 2:18
On Network Since Nov 18, 2017
GhostRyder867_Ngeke Balunge[Prod by MvS]
#714 in HipHop / Rap SongVault Certified
GhostRyder867_Ngeke Balunge[Prod by MvS]
HipHop / Rap
Length: 3:28
On Network Since Nov 18, 2017
SongVault Certified Artist GhostRyder867

Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa

HipHop / Rap / Singer/Songwriter

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Biography Of GhostRyder867 GhostRyder's real name is Sanele Zikhali ,He was Born on 2000/04/05,All the way from Mboza,Kwazulu-Natal

,hip-hop(underground Rapper)ArtistBeatsMakerGraphics DesignerUnder Sensible Records Team. Like my Facebook page Facebook
Ectually GhostRyder867 also known as Sanele Zikhali(TheLyricalBlesser) grew up at Mboza as his home place with 3 sisters and 3 brothers. From 2007 things become worse he lost he sister who was responsible and care for him but losing his mother the things becomes more worse in such a way that It put a bad effect in his studies bcos he end up quiting at school .On that year his father return to support and get him back to school, For info Available for bookings just contact me 0636625071 or email me at Social Networks fb@Lyrical Blesser Twitter@Ghost Ryder867 He like to play Piano and play computer games as well as using Audio Production software. In future he is willing to learn Sound Engineering courses at Academical sound engineering school doing 2 learning areas BeatsMaking and Mastering Formula's. He like to meet others who ar in this undustry so that they can teach him the things that he dont know n dont overstand and he likes to help someone bt if he/she really need n deserve that help. He started writting songs at the age of 11 yrs nd he did'nt worrie about recording. When he was 14 yrs he started looking for recording but no one who was willing to help ,the problem with his community was they wer full of jelous they dont want someone to succeed in lyf. At the age of 15 his brother bought a computer on that year he was thinking that things will go well but it did'nt becaus they wer have to buy software for recording, he end up getting a plan of downloading it and it works then he started recording his first track called Ngeke Balunge that where He proven her self that he can fit to music industry. And the're many people who liked this song even now since 2015. On 2016 his brother Form a Record Label'Sensible Records ,and GhostRyder form his group called" Da Rebelionz" with 2 local Artist "Robo-A(TheMachineOfLyrics) and Slayer(TheSwordMaster). On 2017 he met another artist with the name "Bra Mantsho(TheTrapKing) and they released a hot dope joint tittled "Gs's the Problem.
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GhostRyder867_Ngeke Balunge
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