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Happy Song
#60 in Folk SongVault Certified
Happy Song
Forever and a Day
New Acoustic
Length: 2:08
On Network Since May 20, 2007
Between New and Old
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Between New and Old
Forever and a Day
Alternative Folk
Length: 4:10
On Network Since May 20, 2007
For Tomorrow
SongVault Certified Artist For Tomorrow

San Francisco
California, United States

Alternative Folk / New Acoustic

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For Tomorrow just kind of happened. There were no paper signs hung up on bulletin boards in the local cafes. There were no mutual friend introductions. There was no plan at all really.

In the Winter of 2003, Philipp and Dan met while living together in a volunteer community in Dorchester , Massachusetts . Philipp, a practiced musician from Germany , had come to the United States to work in urban America . Dan, an aspiring writer and artist from New York , hoped to share his time and talents with homeless families. Working in a homeless shelter and living together provided ample opportunity to get to know one another and to discuss social issues, life and music.

It wasn't long before they began to collaborate. One night Philipp was fiddling around with something on his guitar and Dan pulled out some lyrics. An hour later, they had written their first song. Within four months, despite the protests of their crash-happy PC and a microphone with background noise like a passing train, they had written, recorded and produced a ten-song album called Images of Light.

They called their two-man band, For Tomorrow.

Forever and a Day , released on December 28, 2006, is their latest collaboration and by far their most accomplished work. Their unique sound is difficult to classify, but is most often compared to artists like Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, Iron and Wine, Joshua Radin and Nick Drake. They admit to blending elements of folk, pop and acapella styles, but basically hold to the principle that each song moves in its own direction and that their work is simply to follow.

For Tomorrow's music has been featured on a number of podcasts and radio shows in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Currently Philipp resides in Marburg , Germany , and Dan in San Francisco , California , which makes playing live shows somewhat difficult. For the time being, at least, they hope people will be content with their recorded music.

Despite the distance between them, they feel confident that they will keep making music.

There are no plans. But these things just kind of happen.
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