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#83 in Alternative SongVault Certified
The Ballad of el Efe
Indie Rock
Length: 3:59
On Network Since Jan 5, 2009
#541 in Alternative SongVault Certified
Falik's Revenge
Indie Rock
Length: 4:15
On Network Since Apr 22, 2008
I'm Dying Here
#700 in Pop SongVault Certified
I'm Dying Here
Bring It
Adult Contemporary
Length: 3:55
On Network Since Feb 10, 2009
SongVault Certified Artist Falik

Nevada, United States

Indie Rock / World Pop

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Falik (pronounced "fah - leek'") is a World Alternative Rock band formed by Charlie Pecot in Yucaipa, California circa 2003, later relocating to Sparks, Nevada under the Sierra Nevada mountains in 2006. As its main producer, composer, and instrumentalist, Pecot is the only official member of Falik and is solely responsible for the musical direction of the band. Live perfomances are rare, but intense; Pecot prefers to perform as Falik with nothing but his Irish bouzouki backed up by banks of pre-recorded material.

The music of Falik encompasses a wide range of genres while retaining a characteristically unique sound. Blending samples of ethnic instruments and rhythms, urban, groove-oriented textures, and his own performances, the aural of Falik is a sound at once both exotic and familiar. The arrangements are typically subtle and well balanced, which serve well Pecot's provocative punctuations on the Irish bouzouki.

Audiences from such widely diverse disciplines as belly dance, sculpting, painting, music, teaching, and technology have warmly received Falik's efforts, due to a complex synthesis of Mediterranean and Middle East influences and contemporary beats. The appeal is further enhanced by the emergence of Pecot as arguably one of the country's leading Irish bouzouki players, using the instrument in ways not entirely embraced by the traditional community in which it was forged.

Other musical artists have picked up on Pecot's unique style of playing and have incorporated samples of his work into their own. The track most notably being "Cuckoo - Passive Aggressive Mix" by HisBoyElroy and Lisa DeBenedictis which was released on the compilation "The Art of Persuasion". Tracks "All I Need is a Rhyme Zook" and "dysFunk" demonstrate Pecot's playing as hooks in a rap songs. A more comprehensive list of artists who have used Falik samples can be found on Falik has also found its way onto podcasts of all sorts.
Falik grew as an extension of Charlie's playful side. Having played guitar since a child the Irish bouzouki was initially just another weapon in his well established arsenal of the stringed instruments on which he was proficient. However, after the release of his first CD "Streaks and Strokes", something special was clearly evident in the recordings and the muse was taken to task in the four CDs that followed: "The Ballad of el Efe", "Dreams from the Machine", "Elvolution", and his latest, "Falik's Revenge", and "Bring It", a mini-CD.

Charlie plays the following instruments on his CDs: Irish bouzouki, guitar (acoustic and electric), bass guitar, doumbec, and keyboards. He also produces a lot of his own samples.

Falik sends thanks to...
Elloree Guitars who makes beautiful custom instruments, including Charlie's bouzouki and 12 string electric guitar.
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