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Evil Sins
Evil Sins

Las Vegas
Nevada, United States

Metal / Hard Rock / Hard Rock

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Drainage X's sound comes from many years of combined experience. We keep our music heavy but courageously intimidating at the same time. Whether you're listening to one of our CDs, or watching us live in concert, we guarantee you'll never forget us. Drainage X live is a production in itself, with dancing "Vampire Girls" who interact with the crowd, and "Giant", the biggest little man in the world, who hurls Skittles and other candy into and at the audience. We usually provide food at our shows, which is greatly appreciated by our fans, as one of our primary sponsors is Port Of Subs.

Drainage X started in November 2002, and is originally from Lancaster, California. We are currently based in Las Vegas, Nevada, and have been for several years. Crystel Sins (the Drainage X manager) created the band by bringing together a couple of great musicians she knew professionally (Animal [lead guitar] and Spider [bass]) with Evil (lead vocals), a man who she knew had the drive, dedication, and determination to make Drainage X a success. Blood Bath, the 2003 EP, was written by Drainage X during eight long months in the garage, after which we were prepared to begin doing live shows and touring. The response was overwhelming, and it was at that point that we knew we had something special. Audiences everywhere loved the sound, make up, costumes, and live show presence of the band, and we were encouraged to continue writing, performing, and perfecting the band. We began entering, and subsequently winning, multiple "Battle of the Bands" shows, both locally and nationally. Drainage X has been represented and recognized by awards at such shows as The New York International Music Festival (2004) which included bands from both coasts, and Schooners, a venue in Lancaster, California.

We played our first show in Las Vegas on Halloween, 2003, while we were still living in California. As the band became unified as to goals, style, and sound, we underwent several personnel changes, but have assembled a line-up which is here to stay. We are proud of the fact that we have all of the original "core members", and have made it through a whole lot of "drummer drama" to get to where we are now.

Before Drainage X, Evil (lead vocals) played guitar in a death metal band called Dead Weight. He listened to music like Death, Dio, Black Sabbath and Pantera. These influences can be heard in the music he writes for guitar in Drainage X. Animal(lead guitar) studied musicians such as Jimmy Page, Michael Schaenker, Joe Satriani, David Gillmore, and Frank Zappa. Spider (bass guitar) has a more funky side, and been inspired by the likes of Les Claypool, Geddy Lee, and Frank Zappa as well. Rodent was more of a punk rocker when he joined Drainage X, listening to Penniwise, NoFX, and The Dead Kennedy's, but still includes bands like Pantera, Slayer, Korn, Head P.E., and Snot as some of his primary musical influences.

We have a strong national fan base which gets larger every day because of hard work and effort to expose the band and our music through many media, including internet sites which range from our own websites, (online now) and (online soon), to forums such as,,,,, and amongst others. Together Drainage X has created a unique sound which we believe represents the best of the new sound of metal and we plan to market it to the fullest extent.
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