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Erica Diaz
Erica Diaz

New Jersey, United States

Pop / Rock

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Erica Diaz, now a 16 year old young lady, has been involved in the music business ever since she was little. From singing in the "Little Miss Union" pageant when she was only 5, to recording background vocals on the single 'No Lo Dejen Ir', released by RMM Records. Erica enjoys every aspect of performing, which is why she is involved in dance classes such as advanced tap, jazz and hip-hop. Although Erica was always involved in local plays, she just recently began testing her acting skills in a school located in Livingston, NJ., and has improved tremendously.

For the past few years, Erica's musical career has grown extremely. She is still working on her album and continues to write new songs inspired by different situations, people, and points of view. She shot her first video of "Can You Hear Me", the english version, in 2002.

Erica, with the help of her father and uncle, translated the song to spanish. Which premiered on the morning talk show, 'Despieta America', on Univision. She performed her song love as well has an interview.
For the past three years, Erica has performed at the Jersey Garden's Mall, in Elizabeth, NJ., and will be singing her original songs this October. Some of Erica's musical influences consists of different solo artists/bands, all with an original sound. Erica loves all types of music, from pop, techno, to rap and r&b.

These interests in different types of music definitely shows in her own music. She likes to try new things and incorporate different styles to her original lyrics.
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