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Eric Severson
Eric Severson

Colorado, United States

Christian Pop / Rock / Indie Rock

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Colorado's Eric Severson crafts a fine blend of acoustic, rock, blues and classical into a sound that is rich and multi-faceted and speaks of both old school and current sounds. His mouth-watering blend of styles makes for music with wide appeal that reaches out to young listeners as well as more mature, experienced song fans.

“Good music takes me to another place,” says Eric. Great songwriting is about creating something sublime that speaks to people in a unique way and opens up portals in the mind through which the listener can escape. Eric's distinct music, while embracing recognizable flavors, is a thing of its own and offers creative journeys for the mind's eye. “Music is an almost surreal experience that goes beyond the everyday world. The sound of a beautiful chord progression or an unexpected melody or the virtuoso's touch on an instrument can literally move me to tears.” Get ready for this music to grab your heart, for Eric puts all the passion that he experiences as a listener into his own compositions.

“Nothing touches one's emotions or reaches into one's inner soul more than well-crafted music. And writing and performing music is how my inner soul and emotions can come out to touch others.” Music is a form of communication and a master of the musical arts can craft songs that speak to listeners in special ways. Eric is one of those musicians. “I believe in writing music that touches people's hearts, inspires their emotions and enlightens them to issues and feelings they might not otherwise have experienced.” Eric writes songs that help a person explore his own soul and encounter personal growth while receiving top notch entertainment value. “It may sound funny, but if I am not moved to tears at least once while writing a song, I don't feel I've yet hit the mark.”

Eric's broad range of musical tastes and inspirations help provide the depth one encounters in his music. “I believe that there is beauty in all musical styles, which motivates me to freely combine so many styles in my own music.” The signature flavors in Eric's music are marks of his profound creativity and devotion to the artistry of music.

Eric is a singer songwriter whose work focuses on cause-related and humanitarian subjects, and who been honored as a "Creative Innovator Advocating a Global Difference" by A United Journey for Humanity. Eric is an active member of the Songweavers charitable musician's community, has been featured as a local musician on the Colorado Music Buzz Web site, and has held several top 40 positions on SongVault Internet Radio.

Reviews and Comment:

"Colorado's Eric Severson music is a thing of its own and offers creative journeys for the mind's eye. The signature flavors in his music are marks of his profound creativity and devotion to the artistry of music." - Cindy L. Spear, "The Musician's Poet"

"Eric's musicianship and songwriting are of the highest quality, and I would dare anyone with a sense of love for the world and its people to remain unmoved by the songs he produces!" - Ian Bartlett, UK rock musician

"Beautiful lyrics done with so much love." - Ashley Ouderkirk, model, actress and singer

"Love your music, so so meaningful and powerful. Each piece of your creation carries the most intense and humanitarian message to the world" - Lusia, Songweavers

"This is my favorite kind of music, real messages right to the heart from the gut." - Eric Benson, Urban Legend Band

"Eric has some important things to say and he says it very well." - Lydia L. Ashton, film composer

"It should be a compulsory part of the inauguration process of every President and Prime Minister that they be sent into outer space and made to view our lovely planet while listening to this music." - Malcolm Brown, composer

"Eric's music is heartfelt and beautiful...just like his soul!" - Fawn, Body Soul & Mind

"Wonderful voice - so smooth, a friendly sound. Great songs!" - Steve Dunster, film composer

"Eric offers us a glimpse of light in the darkest of tragedies and portrays the human struggle with great finesse and concern. His music is a ray of hope when all seems lost." - Nick Thompson, Good Beyond Hope

"Eric's music is filled with emotion and soul!" - Gint Austrins, Sound Radius

"I admire so much Eric's heart felt convictions and poetic imagery." - Michael Cutting, songwriter and guitarist, Death and Taxes

"I like the eclecticism in the music, how I hear folk, blues, classical and, at times, rock...what a truly nice sound!" - Thomas Kushin, jazz musician
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