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All Songs Neon in the Black
Sunrise and Prayer
#65 in Classical SongVault Certified
Sunrise and Prayer
Contemporary Classical
Length: 2:58
On Network Since Sep 15, 2010
Under the deep blue Sea
#66 in Classical SongVault Certified
Under the deep blue Sea
Length: 3:49
On Network Since Sep 15, 2010
Interplanetary Traveler
#524 in Electronic SongVault Certified
Interplanetary Traveler
Neon in the Black
Length: 4:12
On Network Since Sep 12, 2008
eric petersen
SongVault Certified Artist eric petersen

lake forest park
Washington, United States

Ambient / Soundtracks

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For the last thirty years Eric Petersen has been merging electronic, classical and americana
His vision is to take the listener on a journey to places and moods of many colors,
The music pulls and hints emotionally, drawing the listener into
“ A fabric shop made of music “ *
Having scored five short films,Including Misiion Improbable, The Policy and Target Practice, For
Seattle film makers Nils Osmar and Gilbert Martinez in 2006 and 2007 that appeared
In the Seattle International Film Festival, he also received
multiple nominations for the CD Neon in the Black, including,
Best contemporary instrumental album, Best cover art, Best new artist and album of
The year at the 2006 New Age reporter Lifestyle Music Awards.
A nomination for Ambient song of the year for Interplanetary Traveler,
At the 2007 Los Angeles Music Awards, His music is
being played around the world on over 200 radio stations and Music Choice
On digital cable, Having a # 1 for twelve different weeks with the song
Peace, For Pat.
Being the featured artist on WMNR on November 16th 2006
And having some really postive reviews, such as,
**. I can’t remember the last time I was so surprised by the sheer quality of a recording which came from seemingly out of nowhere and was so modestly packaged.” **
“The recording is almost ridiculously well-engineered – seriously, this sounds like a major label release.” *
I’ve written many times that the real joy of being a music reviewer is the discovery of the unexpectedly delightful recording – one that astonishes even the jaded listener and makes one realize that there is still a lot of great music out there to be released. Neon in the Black is one such album and Eric Petersen is a highly talented artist who I can only hope will continue recording music. This CD blew my socks off and if you like highly accessible music that mashes together jazz, electronica and new age music, I can’t believe that you won’t be equally impressed. “ **
“His music is portraits in black and white and everything in between.” *
“There is a vast forest between France and Belgium in an area once called Bastogne. Today it is known as
Ardennes. For all of its woodland beauty it was once the scene of some terrible battles during WWII. Although the
ghosts of valiant warriors walk along its verdant paths, it is a place of peace and memories. On the track
Bastogne 1944 Eric, with a dramatic piano score and ethereal voices captures the tranquility now restored to the
hilly and forested lands that stretch to the Rhineland. This is one of my favorite cuts. “ *
“Peace for Pat is the best track on the album. There is warmth in the melody and yet there is a hesitation, almost
a caveat in the flow. The vibraphone sound is soothing and the string background adds to the realism. The title
notwithstanding, there is no finality to the tune and we have to ask why. Perhaps this sort of peace is a beginning
more than an ending.
Listening to Eric Petersen’s music is like going through a exotic fabric shop made of music. There your hands
touch smooth and rough, silky and soft and warm. Always warmth. And there are so many unexpected colors
Rating: Very Good – “ *

Rating: 4 Bill Binkelelman WFAE Wind and Wire march 2006
• RJ Lannan New Age Reporter March 2006
** Bill Binkelman WFAE Wind and Wire
He also attended two composers workshops in Los Angeles in 2007 and 2008 with panelists Hummie Mann, Lalo Schifrin, John Ottman, Sharon Farber, Shawn Clement, and others on the craft of writing for film and television,

Eric played live at Seattle’s Benaroya Hall to a standing ovation for the
Song Baho La Luna Rosa which will be on the current project in the works.
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