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We Should Be Dancing
#132 in Pop SongVault Certified
We Should Be Dancing
Indie Pop
Length: 3:48
On Network Since Dec 28, 2007
Friends I Choose
#301 in Pop SongVault Certified
Friends I Choose
Long Walk Home
Soft Rock
Length: 3:39
On Network Since Dec 9, 2008
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#31 in Children SongVault Finals
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Long Walk Home
General Children's Music
Length: 2:45
On Network Since Apr 24, 2007
Eric Lewis
SongVault Certified Artist Eric Lewis

West Virginia, United States

Soft Rock / Indie Pop

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The son of a nurse (Mary Jane Lewis) and a truck driver (Frank Edward Lewis,) I was born in Clarksburg, WV in 1972.

As a cello player in middle school, I was a member of the WV All State Orchestra. My final two years at Washington Irving High School, I played trombone in the All County Band and bass guitar in the WI Jazz Band.

In 1990, I started college at West Virginia University. During that time, I was a member of several musical projects, including Once Hush and Balloonhead. Both were featured on Morgantown compilation albums.

After graduating with a B.S. in Geology in 1995, I rejoined Once Hush and signed a deal with Finetune Management in Baltimore, MD. In the five years that Once Hush was together, we released 3 CD's independently while touring the east coast and mid-west of America.

When Once Hush disbanded in 2000, I remained in Baltimore to record my first solo CD, "The Speed of Light," before moving to Frederick, MD to record my second album, “Clear.”

In 2006, I released my latest solo album, “Long Walk Home.” Currently, I work as a Geologist for the State of West Virginia, while writing, recording and performing music.

Also, I'm an avid soccer player, and since September 2007, I've been the captain for Morgantown United.

Here's some cool things I've done:

- toured the east coast ( Boston to Atlanta to Michigan to Tennessee.)

- received extensive print coverage, and excellent college and specialty commercial radio airplay

- played in Once Hush - the only indie band I know of at the time that had health insurance.

- moved over 10,000 units of six independently released CD’s;

- sang national anthem at Camden Yards (Fall 2000.)

- performed at The Mall in Washington, D.C. for “The March” to conquer Cancer, 1999.

- December 2005 - 22nd Annual Mid-Atlantic Song Contest Honorable Mention for the Song, "First Kiss" written by Angela Taylor and Eric Lewis Pop Category

- October 2005 - I put together a band called "Long Walk Home" and we competed in the WVAQ 2005 Unsigned Band Challenge. We finished in the top 3 out of 60 bands after forming just a month before. A portion of the proceeds went to WVU Children's Hospital
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