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Come back to me
#181 in Rock SongVault Certified
Come back to me
Length: 3:50
On Network Since Mar 19, 2007
Eric Harper
SongVault Certified Artist Eric Harper

California, United States

Rock / Worldfusion

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Born in 2004, MimosA is the brainchild of brothers, Kristian and Eric. At first working between two major cities, Los Angeles and Boston while waiting for Eric to graduate from Berklee College of Music, the band was slowly nourished for two years before it was firmly established in Los Angeles. Disappointed with the current state of the music industry and the less than interesting prefabricated songs that it is producing, the two brothers have maintained a credo to create, write and play music that communicates passion, emotion, and energy. The wide array of musical styles, ranging from Spanish Flamenco to hard-hitting guitar driven Rock, have set MimosAs style apart from anything that is in the mainstream today. Drawing influences from such artists as Tool, The Police, Stevie Wonder and Vicente Amigo, MimosA melds the musicality of these artists into their own unique and musically pleasing style full of intensity and possessing a depth of character that defines the bands unique flare. Fast-forward to 2005, the band is a music and lyric writing machine; as soon as one song is written and recorded, five others are waiting for their time in the studio. MimosAs performing talent comes to life on the stage where a spirit of music comes to life. The energy of a live show and the interaction between the band and the audience creates a refreshing environment that is memorable and full of electricity. One fan, Jay Setar, exclaims, Hamonic, lyrical, energetic, great dynamics. AWESOME!
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