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Orange County
California, United States

Rock & Roll / Progressive

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Dave Skintek(Keyboards) and Dave Barela(Guitar) who hail from Orange County California, started writing Songs together back in the early '80's.They made a ritual of meeting every Tuesday, if for nothing else than to keep the musical flame alive. In 1986, Dave S. discovered MIDI and started sequencing on a Commodore 64 Computer.In 1991, Dave S. made a giant leap to DOS using IBM PC's. In 2000, Dave S. discovered the virtues of Digital Audio Recording while jamming at a friends house in Woodland Hills where Guitarist John Tischler was using A program called Cubase to track Audio and each member that day came home with their own CD of the days work. A year later(2001) Dave S. built his first Digital Audio Workstation and the realization that they could complete a finished product from the back bedroom Studio was now a reality.Various problems were encountered over the next year and finally the system was stable enough to begin serious work. In 2003, long-time musician friend Johnny Bartolotto (Johnny B) was asked to add his extraordinary vocal talents to compliment Dave Barela's Vocals and also sing Lead on several songs. He eagerly accepted and Vocal tracking started in April 2003 and the 11 Vocal Songs were finally completed on Feb.2004 with the additional engineering talents of another long time friend and fellow keyboardist, Ralph Jordan. Ralph's engineering talents were pivotal in recording and especially in digital editing corrections for the entire project.In 2005 Ralph stepped aside and Dave Skintek spent the next year and a half engineering and producing the final mixes on all 13 Songs.Another long-time engineering friend(Joe Cooper, Las Vegas) was brought in to do the Final Mastering.Joe was not only pivotal in his Mastering skills but is responsible for helping Dave Skintek in improving his engineering skill and Production of the Final Product.We hope you enjoy the Songs introduced and hope to add more to the list as time allows!
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