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Where's Saxy
#125 in Rhythm & Blues SongVault Certified
Where's Saxy
Length: 1:54
On Network Since Aug 10, 2010
#250 in Electronic SongVault Certified
Length: 2:33
On Network Since Mar 23, 2010
Doing the Devil
#251 in Electronic SongVault Certified
Doing the Devil
Length: 4:42
On Network Since Mar 23, 2010
Make it Funky
#270 in Electronic SongVault Certified
Make it Funky
Length: 3:06
On Network Since Oct 5, 2010
SongVault Certified Artist DRAGATRONIC

Alberta, Canada

Trance / Techno

This project is the chance for Jimmie Dragatis a musician of diverse tastes with an eclectic history in many genres to show off his prowess in creating electronica. Even here, within the broad scope of electronic music, Jimmie reveals his diversity. Everything from downtempo to bright, melodic techno to world-tronica to trance is on display. "Eyes Wide Shut" is an eclectic collection of Jimmie's explorations of electronica under the moniker Dragatis Inside the Mind.

The first single from"Eyes Wide Shut" is called "Frantic" and uses its instrumental trance flavors to explore the heady energies of the sexual encounters of lovers. With its lack of lyrics, the song, of course, lends itself to many interpretations. But regardless of a listener's take on the song, it's a formidable track. Focused but filling up the space, the song segues through stages of progress, always holding to its aesthetic of trance meets technologic inorganica meets psy meets electronic melody. It's an evolving song where time collapses into a mating of futuristic and retro-based sensibilities a cosmos expands from sound.
Jimmie has released two new discs titles are "Hallucinations" and "Take a Bite" and can be purchased through his site the following links. These discs capture the old beginnings re-mastered and the secong generation of songs displayed on the "Take a Bite". The first disc has been very well received in Europe as expected because of it's very liberal and no holds bared attitude. The third generation of songs are what you would call a new evolution of dance/trance/hip hop....Jimmie is frantically writing for this album as I type. The fouth and up and coming recording has such titles as "Penetrating Paris" and "If it Ain't Broken Break It" is due this 2010 year, but may be pushed back.
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