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All Songs A Little Taste Of Hell Vol.1
Way Down To Hell
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Way Down To Hell
A Little Taste Of Hell Vol.1
Industrial Metal
Length: 3:15
On Network Since Mar 19, 2007
SongVault Certified Artist DR. ZILCH


Industrial Metal / Goth

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Dr. Zilch was born in late 1997 in the suburbs of Lisbon (Portugal), under the influence of metal aggressiveness, techno beats and some orchestral dark ambient.
The name Dr. Zilch, personifies those who socially feel themselves the all mighty, but who within the reality of our existence represent absolutely nothing!
This image of a Dr. Zilch exposes the human nature that in a certain way thinks of itself as “God”.
Since the first time they performed their intense show in August 15th 1998, they have shared the same stages with names like Clawfinger, Senser, PitchShifter, The Young Gods and Moonspell (just to name a few).
The first single Flesh Getting Higher, which included a powerful remix by the famous DJ XL-Garcia, was out in February 1999. The uncensored version of its shocking Video-Clip was continuously seen on Portuguese / Spanish TV Music Channel Sol Musica for several months.
Other Portuguese channels like CNL, SIC Radical and even RTP 1 would give it some highlight.
Their debut album Artcore XXI was released in October 25th 1999 by PolyGram / Universal Music Portugal.
It received great critical acclaim.
In November 3rd The Questioning Worm was released. It was the second single taken from Artcore XXI.
In late 2000, due to the very small Portuguese market and the serious difficulties of the major labels in putting the bands on the outside, Dr. Zilch decided not to release the second album through Universal Music.
After a long time in studio and coming up with their own label Artcore Records, Dr. Zilch finally released their second album in September 2005.
A Little Taste of Hell Vol.1 was recorded at Artcore Studio, mixed by José Castanheira and mastered by Björn Engelmann (Rammstein, Clawfinger, Backyard Babies, In Flames, Hypocrisy, etc.).
Games of Wonder was the first single taken from A Little Taste of Hell Vol.1, and it’s still having the greatest airplay ever!!!
Still touring Portugal, Dr. Zilch’s next goal is to extend the Hell on Tour worldwide.
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