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Killing Game
#39 in Blues SongVault Certified
Killing Game
Fade to Blue
Electric Blues
Length: 4:43
On Network Since Jan 25, 2009
Fade to Blue
#63 in Blues SongVault Certified
Fade to Blue
Fade to Blue
Electric Blues
Length: 4:56
On Network Since Aug 5, 2008
Fourth Street Ruckus
#121 in Blues SongVault Certified
Fourth Street Ruckus
Fourth Street Ruckus
Electric Blues
Length: 5:07
On Network Since Mar 7, 2011
Po Monkey
#9 in Blues SongVault Finals
Po Monkey
Po Monkey
Delta Blues
Length: 3:36
On Network Since Nov 19, 2013
Junior's Jam
#10 in Blues SongVault Finals
Junior's Jam
Electric Blues
Length: 3:39
On Network Since Mar 2, 2014
Dave Sadler
SongVault Certified Artist Dave Sadler

Pine Bluff
Arkansas, United States

Electric Blues / Contemporary Blues

Listen to Dave Sadler
Raised in Pine Bluff, Arkansas (home to blues legends Big Bill Broonzy and Cedell Davis), Dave Sadler began playing guitar at the age of twelve. Coming from a musical household, which includes a distant relation to Johnny Cash, a grandfather who was an amateur minstrel singer, and a mother who was a piano teacher - it is no small surprise that Dave continued the musical journey. Raised on the edge of the Delta, blues inspired music surrounded Dave. Where a typical kid might have been found listening to the latest top 40 rock hit, Dave, a self-taught musician who plays by ear, would often be found locked away in his room listening to the likes of B.B. King and Elmore James, trying to emulate their playing styles.

Also heavily influenced by modern players such as Eric Clapton, Robert Cray, Stevie Ray Vaughn and others, Dave's playing style is a blend of blues, rock, jazz and funk utilizing both electric and acoustic guitars.

Fourth Street Ruckus (2012):

If you like your blues hard-driving, then you will most likely enjoy guitarist Dave Sadler’s new single release, “Fourth Street Ruckus”, a frenetic paced, big blues sound with blistering harmonica and guitar work accompanied by the precision horn work of Dan Cipriano. Roly Platt, one of Canada’s premiere diatonic harmonica players teams with Dave on this title track for the new EP, “Fourth Street Ruckus”, scheduled for release in 2012. Platt, a Toronto native, has become a sought-after live and studio musician due to his versatility and skill. Dan Cipriano, one of the busiest saxophone players in New York, is also no stranger to the music world having toured or recorded with Wilson Pickett, Bruce Springsteen, Allman Brothers, Gary U.S. Bonds, George Thorogood, and a host of others.

Fade to Blue (2008):

Working with accomplished studio musicians from across the U.S. and the U.K., Dave Sadler has compiled a collection of music that draws from the blues/rock heritage of the nation’s mid-section. From the farmland Delta of South Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana to the streets of Chicago and the plains of Texas, the early Blues greats paved the way for modern rock, and paid their dues. The music on the "Fade to Blue" CD is intended to be an acknowledgment of their struggles and contributions, with a few messages for our times.

Comments from Around the Music World:

Damn Dave! Nice stuff there brother!
-Big Llou Johnson (voice of B.B. King's Bluesville, SiriusXM Radio)

"Very original, love the horns and guitar...Keep on keeping on...I will be looking forward to hearing your new recording."
-Bob Putignano (President New York Blues and Jazz Society)

"Wow! Very professionally made video and the sound rocks!!"
Martin Clarke (host of the award winning show The Blues Session)

"WOW! Love this sound! Really tight. Very happy to have you on the station.
Sheila Cain (Blues City Radio)

“Hey Dave…Great sound, man!”
-Scott Holt (formerly with Buddy Guy)

"Beautiful sounds man!!!......"
-Sugar Blue (Grammy Award winning harmonica player)


"Of all the musicians on this disc, Dave Sadler is the only one I've yet to have the pleasure of previously listening to and working with. Having now done that I can truly say "Welcome to my blues world, Dave". "Fourth Street Ruckus" could have easily been called Fourth Street Melee, Fourth Street Free For All or Fourth Street Donnybrook. Basically, they all mean that all hell is breaking loose and that's exactly what's going on musically on this five minute instrumental. Leading the way with relentless guitar playing, Dave Sadler and the band are kickin' ass."
-Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro, Blues Editor at

"With a broad range of bluesrock, jazzy ballads, reggae and funk, this album sought blues inspiration from many places. Arkansas/Mississippi, Louisiana/Texas and Chicago-influences merge into a homogeneous whole, in which Dave Sadler, guitar man from Arkansas, feels at home like a fish in the water."
- Mieke Geukens , Rootstime (Jun 21, 2008)

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