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Colleen O'Grady
Colleen O'Grady

Texas, United States

Christian Folk / Contemporary Folk

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Before hearing the unique style of Joni Mitchell’s music, as a young child Colleen O’Grady was originally drawn to the power and passion expressed in both Italian opera and Irish folk music. At the age of twelve, she picked up her first guitar, and with few diversions, has been playing ever since, starting with Joni.
Coffee houses, dorm stairwells, house concerts, and an occasional radio gig, (KUHF, KPFT); Colleen’s music resounded everywhere. Also an accomplished artist and painter, Colleen received a BFA and MFA. After graduation, the next ten years found her doing full time youth ministry. Her guitar went with her. She was not only able to play Joni, but everything from Doobie Brothers to Dylan-you name it-she could be found playing in camps all over the country.
Like all musicians who are consistent in their craft, her own style emerged, as well as her own voice. Love of the human story inspired her lyrics, and eventually led her into the process of becoming a marriage and family therapist, as well as a life coach. The life lessons of motherhood were no small part of her creative process.
Shawn Colvin, Nancy Griffith, Mary Chapin Carpenter and many girls with guitars motivated her. One of her greatest mentors, the infamous Madeleine L’Engle, (author of A Wrinkle in Time) was the first to push O’Grady to produce a CD of her original songs, (Good Dreams 2005) Her second CD Hidden Treasures was recently released in 2008. Both works are a result of collections of human stories and her passion for healing the human heart and setting free those held captive, by inspiring, encouraging, and empowering people to step toward their dream and embrace the destiny designed for them by God.


“Colleen’s music is a perfect blend of wisdom, rhythm, celebration, and magic. She is a unique and clear voice shining through the din of the airwaves”
recording artist, singer-songwriter: Christine Kane

• “We are all connected! Colleen's music has a gift for conveying hope. She is a powerful songwriter with a passion and compassion for us all. If you want to rekindle your faith in goodness, in the heart that beats within each of us and connects us together, buy this album and listen and listen and listen...” author: Shannon Cutts

“Redemptive and healing--- with a beat! “

marriage and family therapist: Sherry Duson
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