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Cline's Mind
Cline's Mind

New York, United States

Extreme Metal / Instrumental Rock

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Cline's Mind was started back in 2005 by Tom Cline as a solo studio project. After a brief try at customizing a full performing band, the sound of Cline's Mind had veered from Tom's original ideas that began it in the beginning. So, today Cline's Mind continues on being a solo studio project. Guest musicians in the past were Jason Beecher (Drums, Vocals on True Identity), Josh Beecher (Keyboards/Drums), Jeff Tewell (Drums & Guitar on Road Rage, Vocals & Guitar on The Drifter). The true sound of Cline's Mind has come from the relentless pursuit to bring back old school metal with a splash of modern-day sound to the general metal scene. On this site, you will hear some newer tracks recently recorded minus the vocals. Vocals will be recorded down the road at some point. And of course, many songs from the debut album titled Evil Within along with other various songs that began this journey. The new album Chasing Your Envy, due out summer of 2009 will have new guest musicians. (To be announced) Keep checking back for further updates.
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