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Cliff Odenkirk
Cliff Odenkirk

Upper Peninsula
Michigan, United States

Easy Listening / Smooth Jazz

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Original Easy listening music from Cliff Odenkirk - All electronic easy listening jazz and new age music.

Cliff is a pianist / composer living in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Born in north central Ohio, he started playing piano at an early age and has since performed in 48 of the 50 US states and in multiple foreign countries. Cliff's easy listening and new age piano works can be heard on European radio and at his website

Cliff's CD's and music are distributed worldwide with online distribution through , Best Buy, and many popular digital distribution networks such as iTunes and this site.

Most of the songs on this website are all electronic, with parts composed on a Kurzweil midi keyboard and mixed on Cakewalk Pro software. Playback is through multiple Yamaha XG and Roland GS modules.

Cliff is webmaster for and in addition to the website.

Enjoy the music of Cliff Odenkirk.
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