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Chuck Plaisance
Chuck Plaisance

California, United States

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"Relaxation is a key to balance," that's Chuck Plaisance's underlying principle for his work. Whether he teaches voice lessons or he records and arranges Nature Sounds, he works on the placement of sound. Creating harmony and balance through the frequencies of sound is what our world needs" comments Chuck. Growing up in the Louisiana Wetlands left a strong imprint on Chuck Plaisance's artistic nature. In the wilderness area known as Bayou La Forche, Chuck grew up fishing, trawling and frogging and being enraptured by the sounds of nature. "You could put me in the best studio in town but I still prefer recording live out in nature", he reflects. "When I began producing records, I was never satisfied with the sound effects that were available, so I started my own library of nature sounds." Recording those sounds has taken Plaisance around the globe to some of the most picturesque settings in existence. For eons, musicians and artists have explored their soul through nature and for Plaisance, the connection began at age 13. A natural vocalist, he was soon fronting a popular Top 40 band covering ballads and rock hits by such diverse artists as Cat Stevens, James Taylor and Elton John. "I became a great mime", he remembers. "It became my mission to discover my true voice. That led me to teach others how to unmask their sound. When the vocalist is able to place the sound correctly, it results in a much more consistent performance. My best advice to anyone wanting to sing is to learn to relax and become a vessel for emotion to flow through," says Plaisance. Chuck also worked hand in hand with Nicole LaVoie of 'SoundWave Energy', Chuck co-produced and mastered a 48 - CD series of Sacred Healing Frequencies encoded with positive subliminal messaging." During the past 20 years Chuck innovated a unique form of binaural sound recording by incorporating a microphone that simulates human hearing to the degree that it creates the impression of surround sound into his sessions. Incorporating this technique in the present recordings he has also produced a variety of recordings for the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, the Shartse Monks, Ozaki Utaka, Gwinko, Brenda Wilde, plus earthquake drills for Disney. Additionally, he produced a series of children's audio books and cassettes, including 'Miranda's Magic Garden'. Suzanne Doucet and Chuck met in 1990 and decided to produce relaxation albums that combines Chucks beautiful nature sound archive and Suzanne's music. They started producing a series of recordings with pure SOUNDS OF NATURE composed and arranged like songs and a second series with a blend of music and Nature sounds entitled TRANQUILITY series. Their albums have sold all over the world. Their latest production includes HEALING VIBES featuring Paradiso and GARDEN OF THE GODDESS with shaman musician friend Tajalli.
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