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All Songs Sex, Love & Morality
I don't feel like dancing
#175 in Pop SongVault Certified
I don't feel like dancing
Sex, Love & Morality
Length: 3:31
On Network Since Jan 16, 2008
#635 in Rock SongVault Certified
Sex, Love & Morality
Length: 4:21
On Network Since Jan 16, 2008
Chris Koster
SongVault Certified Artist Chris Koster

Ontario, Canada

Pop / Rock

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Chris Koster is a rare talent. A multiple-threat on keyboard, guitar and vocals, Koster continues in the tradition of Prince and Trent Reznor – self-contained, self-produced visionaries who know exactly where they are going and how to get there. His new Album 'Sex, Love & Morality' showcases his progression, that was fueled by his relationship with legendary producer Bob Ezrin (Alice Cooper, Pink Floyd, Kiss, Jane’s Addiction). “He helped me hone my craft,” says Koster, “he really pushed me to do something different and challenged me.”

Being a hypnotic and mesmerizing live performer, Koster is eager to tour his new album “Sex, Love & Morality.” “When people see our live shows they either watch the show or leave the venue, it’s as simple as that,” explains Koster. “It forces you to make a decision and that’s definitely all I’ve ever set out to do.”

Sex, Love & Morality is sure to make an impact with music fans and rank Koster among the most talented artists to come out of Canada.
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