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All Songs Ashes to Dust
As the Wheels Roll On
#68 in Metal / Hard Rock SongVault Certified
As the Wheels Roll On
Ashes to Dust
Metal / Hard Rock
Length: 4:53
On Network Since Mar 23, 2009
The Key
#139 in Folk SongVault Certified
The Key
Ashes to Dust
New Acoustic
Length: 7:56
On Network Since Sep 17, 2009
Chris J Zeiner
SongVault Certified Artist Chris J Zeiner

Maryland, United States

Metal / Hard Rock / Alternative

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Hello! I am Chris J Zeiner from the Maryland area & have been writing & composing music from the age of 13 to the present. My music style definitely spans multi-genre's & throughout the years I have written & composed anything from acoustic fingerstyle & instrumental to alternative & heavy metal. Thanks so much for swinging by & really hope you enjoy the tunes!
All music � 2008 - Chris J Zeiner
All music Zeiner publishing 20
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