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chiru150 movie
chiru150 movie

Georgia, India

Blues / Cajun / Zydeco

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Chiru 150th Movie News and Updates :- Hi folks, Today we are here to give you the details of the most awaited 150th film of Actor, Politician Shree Padma Bhushan awarded, The Celebrity, The Hero of many Tollywood people “CHIRANJEEVI’S” next title being thought to be named as “ KHAIDI NO.150” after having thoughts of naming the movie title to be “Kathilantodu” , “Napeoleon”.However “KHAIDI NO.150” is the title being finalized by movie makers as both Chiranjeevi’s movies KHAIDI and KHAIDI NO 786 were super hits.The Entertainment magazines “The Film fare”, “ India Today ‘’ named him “Bigger than Amitabh Bachchan and since waiting, 9 years of gap when there was the news for release for the 150th movie ,his Fans all over the world were eagerly waiting for the movie details and with the first glimpse of the name given as “ KHAIDI NO. 150” in contrarily with his old movie “KHAIDI”In this upcoming movie of KHAIDI NO. 150 “Chiru” (Megastar Chiranjeevi) would be playing dual roles, one as a Savior of farmers and one as Thief.
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