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Starfish Lane
Length: 2:46
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Cheryl Childers
SongVault Certified Artist Cheryl Childers

California, United States

Folk Rock / Indie Rock

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Groovy music, pop/rock sensibilities, with depth and character. Passionate and soulful. The music and lyrics create a landscape that makes you think and FEEL.

Sherby is a local Malibu recording artist and songwriter. She has performed with world-renowned session musicians and her shows are energetic and well-put together...but most of all... FUN! The musicianship is fantastic, professional, and yet light-hearted. Most of the material is about love, the beach and all things groovy.

Sherby grew up in North Carolina studying classical piano and absorbing every piece of rock and pop music she could get her hands on from the RCA Record Club. She has an inspired attitude in her music that asks you to consider your life, and then asks you to lighten up and enjoy it all. The music is energetic, thoughtful and user-friendly. Itís good for a Saturday afternoon drive-- reflective and fun, simultaneously.

Her current album release is entitled "Starfish Lane" and is available on the iTunes music store,, and

The previous release entitled "Sherby" was charted on the Gavin Up-and-Coming charts with the single "Spellbound" and received national radio airplay at Triple A stations. This release is available at above retails sites.
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