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All Songs Dinosaurs in Stanley Park
Not Like This
#201 in Rock SongVault Certified
Not Like This
Dinosaurs in Stanley Park
Length: 4:16
On Network Since Jun 28, 2008
Chasing Satellites
SongVault Certified Artist Chasing Satellites

BC, Canada

Rock / Pop

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Chasing Satellites are a new and up coming band on the scene bringing back rock the way it's supposed to be. The lead singer is everything a lead singer should be, he's got the pipes, the looks, and the moves. Not only that but he's a deadly rhythm guitar player too!!! Along side a rock solid rhythm section and lead guitarist pumping out epic solos, we think these guys have an exiciting future ahead of them!!! Already between them they have shared stages with The Trews, Evanesence, Sum 41, ZZ Top, ...etc. Not only that but they have played from North America to Europe. We expect that Chasing Satellites will be bigger and better than anything its members have ever done before. Watch out because you too will be Chasing Satellites!!!

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