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charlie amos
charlie amos

Texas, United States

Various / Singer/Songwriter

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just discovered this site. will be happy to post some songs i think are not bad, but it is simply a "peace passion" and a "expressive emotion" that has churned for 35 years and is finally resulting in some finished songs from yesteryear and today, in varying degrees, but with very sincere thaznks to my son who has taught me simplicity and renewed my love of allowing songs to pass through, to listen and if possible to store them to share with you all in hope, and also to remind you to help create any song if it makes it better able to reach out and speak to people. May you know the wisdom of being grounded in your pursuits, recall the power and practice of change through "mass positive vibes" that open all possibilities for peaceful connectivity among the golden threads connecting onenessof the living creation, and this is just for each of you. Believe in yourselves and one another (even me) and remember you can do anything you dream when you simply realize your dreams are but goals pausing for need of your plan.

Plan on it and PEACE.

PS> I am not gifted enough as an artist to have ever sung for my supper, but even at 51 years old, I believe I will. In early next year and at 1008 Main Street in Bastrop, Texas behind this downtown building in alley a, and above the mural on the side of my building by wanda gamble (plug for wanda) I will find a way to keep the message out as the "upper deck" or "roof of abbey road/alley a!!!!" become a friday mid-evening roof top jam for some good folks donating talent and time for the purpose of opening a worm hole for humanity to pass through, arriving in the state of "chill hill whatchahuririvergirl "scat music" and for which volunteers and technical help are humbly accepted. LOVE and PEACE sticks, so advertise that too.
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