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Category IV
Category IV

Ohio, United States

Rock / Rock & Roll

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Donnie Kuhn...
Meet Donnie Kuhn. The lead singer, rhythm guitarist and “Front Man” for Category IV. Donnie started playing guitar in 1982. A self-taught guitarist he built his first two guitars himself. The King himself, Elvis Aaron Presley and pioneering rocker, Jerry Lee Lewis, has influenced Donnie. With a powerful stage presence that has been finely tuned over the years, Donnie leads Category IV with a tremendous set of pipes and an uncanny ability to write music. Donnie’s stage energy seems to go on and on with no real signs of letting up...when others would simply collapse. Donnie also has a unique talent of being able to play just about any instrument that he puts his hands on, but excels at guitar, bass, and get this… fiddle!
Jon Hawks...
Meet Jon Hawks. Jon is the bassist for Category IV. Jon has been playing the bass for “many a year”. He got his first bass at a garage sale whilst still a youngin’. Jon loves the rock stuff!!! With visions of stardom, and a desire to live out his rock-n-roll fantasy, Jon set out to start a band. Not just any band, but a band that would be fantastic. Jon is an explosive bassist with an innate ability to deliver the bottom line sound for the band. Together with drummer, Mike “Gibby” Gibbs, they are an unstoppable rhythm section. With his trademark sunglasses and “old school” 4 string, “Dr. Thunder” is sure to have you rockin’ for many years to come.
Jay Ott...
Meet Jay Ott. The lead guitarist of Category IV. Jay started playing guitar at the age of 14 while visiting his uncle in Michigan. His uncle had given him his first guitar, a 12-string that had been thrown out to the trash. Although formally trained on the saxophone, Jay’s passion is the guitar. While in Michigan and right after getting his first guitar, another talent was uncovered...songwriting. Jay is a prolific songwriter, with a flair for melodic and soulful compositions. Jay is a powerhouse guitar slinger who in reality is a show all by himself. He is fun to watch as well as hear.
Mike Gibbs…
Meet Mike “Gibby” Gibbs. Mike is the newest member of Category IV. Mike has been pounding the skins since he was about 10 years old. After seeing the band KISS Mike knew he was hooked and wanted to be in a rock-n-roll band. Drummers like Peter Criss, Tommy Lee, Alex Van Halen and his favorite of all Lars from Metallica inspired Mike. Mike has performed in other bands like Rock Candy, Pegasus, D.V.S. and Midnight Ride. With a lot of kick work Mike is bound to grab you and make sure you feel it in your chest. The true heartbeat of this band.
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