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Carmen Jimenez
Carmen Jimenez

New York, United States

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Singer/songwriter/producer Carmen Jimenez has followed a path on her own, resilient and true to form. Born with a style of rhythm and passion, Carmen Jimenez connects with her audience in performance and delivery. A former member of the Roche Dance Company, Carmen Jimenez released her first compact disc Salsa & Romance on Clave Records followed by the self-titled Carmen Jimenez released to critical acclaim. TEMAS Magazine, one of New York’s premier periodicals, has described this woman as “a great artist and a great woman.” Carmen Jimenez has received entertainment awards for her musical prowess, including mayoral proclamations in Honolulu, and was honored for “elevating the sound of tropical music in the world” at the famed Teatro Nacional in the Dominican Republic.
Carmen Jimenez has teamed up with musical director and arranger Ray Chew, composer Kris Ashby and director Larry Matthew for Carmen Jimenez’s latest release “Power.”
Carmen Jimenez’s talents have taken her in a number of directions according to several sources who describe her as demonstrating… “a high level of musical ability and talent for combating social ills as a psychotherapist in New York City’s inner-city neighborhoods.” Carmen Jimenez is the founder of Counseling Consultation Services in New York City. Ms. Jimenez received her graduate degree in clinical social work from Columbia University and graduate degree in public administration from New York University. Her undergraduate degree in psychology and theatre was received at St. John’s University. A former advice columnist, Carmen Jimenez is the author of the self-help book Do You Love Yourself?
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