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Calvin Segabutle
Calvin Segabutle

Limpopo, South Africa

HipHop / Rap / HipHop / Rap

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Calvin Segabutle, famously known as Techniq SA (on the picture above) is a young rapper from South Africa in Limpopo. He was born in S.T Hospital, Glen Cowie on the 29th of November 2000 and grew up in Phokoane. Techniq SA went to Leshalabe Primary School, where he did his Grade R to Grade 6, then went to Moriti High School and that's where he's currently doing his matric this year. Techniq SA is from a disadvantaged family where his parents are unemployed, but do their best to look after their him and his older sister Boitumelo through part time occupations or help from other people.

Techniq SA is a natural born rapper who is hungry for a break through in the South African music industry and beyond. He grew up listening to the likes of Hospin, Proverb, J Cole and Nas. That's where he gets most of his inspiration from and also he's inspired by South Africa as whole as well as other other nations. Techniq SA has always been a musical person, even way back in his childhood and his passion for music grew within him as time went by during the years. When he was younger, all he could hear most of the times at night was music notes. Nowadays he's a walking instrument that is continuously playing his favourite notes. Techniq SA felt that this musical journey has been like a calling for him. After all it is his first love. He's been playing music loud since he was ten years old and he's been writing rhymes when he was thirteen years old.
"I was young and dumb, chasing paper (money) so I had to take some time off to hustle in the streets, now I am back and I am hungrier than before. I am here to stay as I am ready to treat the music industry with love and respect. Everyday struggle, motivates me to hustle harder and stay consistent throughout my craft. I do what I do to motivate and inspire other people so that they can see its possible to follow your dreams despite your disadvantaged background. I have been through alot in my life and i have alot to say within my music.", said Techniq SA.
He also added that he is willing to work with other people in the music industry and beyond. Techniq SA doesn't box himself, he can work with different musicians across many different genres. He raps with passion and love as he feels its his God given talent to share with the world. Techniq SA feels he's Hip Hop, as they both have that unconditional love relationship between each other.
Techniq SA favourite quote: "The rapper is more like a Galaxy, he never disappoints on every joint he jumps on"
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