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Run with the Stars
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Run with the Stars
Call Me Evil
Alternative Folk
Length: 3:04
On Network Since Oct 5, 2011
Call Me Evil
Call Me Evil

British Columbia, Canada

Alternative Folk / Alternative

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Merging from the Canadian Rockies and now Dwelling in BC's Capitial, Call Me Evil sheds new light on Western Canada's music scene. Songwriter Justin Webber, produces a sound that is both intellectual and passionate with influences of British and Canadian Rock N' Roll, 1960's Folk music and the blues.

Call Me Evil has been busy in the studio writing and recording new material for upcoming releases. Justin Webber formally from Toronto based band "Edison Sunrise" 2007-2010, recorded the popular track "Mean Streets" and has gigged at such venues as The Opera House, Horseshoe Tavern, and the El Mocambo (where the rolling stones have played)

I live both in the light and the dark, I dont turn a blind eye to the evils in the world, nor do I take all the good things for granted. I am a humble and peaceful person. -Call Me Evil
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