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Caligvla's Sisters
Caligvla's Sisters

Hordaland, Norway

Indie Rock / Rock

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ONCE UPON A TIME... a kingdom far, far away, Jan Terje and Vegar met playing acoustic guitars on the local jam sessions. They had allready know eachother for some month. Vegar had moved to the kingdom from another kingdom even farther away. Well, anyway, the more beer they drank, the more fun it got.

At the same time, JT, aka Jan Terje, had been playing together with his bother-in-law, Thomas. They had been experimenting with som lo-fi rawk with drums and guitars.

So, after a few weeks of heavy beer drinking, JT suggested to Vegar that they should visit Thomas. Okay, off they went and wow, it was fun. And a band was formed; an unamed band. They did their first little show with HUGE sucsess and shortly after, JT found the perfect name ... *drumroll*...CALIGVLA'S SISTERS

Now the lineup was JT on guitar and vocals, Vegar on the bass and Thomas as Animal..sorry, I mean drums. They did another few shows and then, while JT was drinking beer at a party, he met Sølve, who was looking for a band. AND he was a bassplayer. WOW, it was heaven sent. Now Vegar could take his guitar again and they were a four peace band, playing four stroke music from hell.

And there you have it, the short, and maybe not so true, story of CALIGVLA'S SISTERS

Stick around and maybe you'll discover the future of the band. RAWK ON, ETNE RAWK CITY

Vocals and guitars Jan Terje Rafdal
Guitars Vegar Øyfoss
Bass Sølve Storm Opdal
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