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Butterfly Toungz
Butterfly Toungz

Indiana, United States

HipHop / Rap / Indie Rock

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Butterfly Toungz' latest album, "Adversity" was recently nominated "Best Hip-Hop Album of the Year!" TWICE by the Independent Music Awards & Just Plain Folks Music Awards.
Butterfly Toungz have also been critically acclaimed by Indianapolis Star, NUVO Entertainment Weekly, Distortion Music Magazine and Shotgun Reviews for their third album, Wide. Open. Spaces.

Butterfly Toungz have turned heads at various stage shows by beat boxing over break beats and combining elements of classic rock, jazz, funk, soul and old-school hip-hop into their music.

Butterfly Toungz were recently awarded as “Sixth Place Finalist” out of over 140,000 other artists for “Best Experimental Song” at the JPF Music Awards in Los Angeles, CA. In addition to their recent achievement, Butterfly Toungz’ new single “Life Goes By” is currently being featured on the Indy MP3 Project CD which has had over 18,000 copies distributed throughout the Midwest. “Life Goes By” has also been featured on Channel 26 in Cleveland, Ohio as part of its Proartist TV showcase each Tuesday Night.

Butterfly Toungz formed in Indianapolis, IN after DJ Germ was in attendance at Sub-One’s solo performance. The upcoming DJ and gifted graffiti artist from Indiana University’s Herron School of Art hit it off with MC/Producer Sub-One, and formed their current duo, Butterfly Toungz. DJ Germ has been featured in the Indianapolis Star and News promoting his “artist” lifestyle. Sub-One received his undergraduate degree from Indiana University with an emphasis in English and Music Studies. He is a graduate from the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences where he earned his Masters of Audio Recording and Engineering in Tempe, Arizona. He is certified in ProTools 135 and completed an internship at DARP Studios in Atlanta, GA.

During their years in college, the group has worked on several independent projects for students and businesses around the Midwest. Last year, Butterfly Toungz’ music appeared in a BMX Documentary DVD entitled “Destination: Air,” which premiered before the start of the 2004 Gravity Games.
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