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Antwerp, Belgium

Extreme Metal / Punk

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1998…an era begins. As so many bands, BurnOut was in search of their music style, themselves and the BIG PICTURE. A free-podium-band , a game, a hobby… or a life? The diehard units already involved were:
• Vid P. - guitar
• Dave P. - bass
• Smits P. - vox
Not much later, Kristiaan P. joined in to tackle the drums. Their search could finally, really begin. This lineup recorded the first silver blade of BurnOut ever, with a big statement telling what they’re all about: ‘For I will Remain’. Not so much for the public though, but for themselves…they didn’t feel complete… yet.
2006, after a long search for a missing link, Getz P. ( ex- In-Quest) appeared as a onetime guest singer. They immediately felt this lineup was the real thing, they were one. The concept BurnOut was born… no longer an idea, an was there.
Influenced by Sick Of It All, Madball, Life Of Agony, Biohazard and so many more great bands that bring true music, BurnOut started working out their concept. These sessions resulted in the MCD ‘Lighten Up’ late 2007 on which P-core was presented to the crowd for the first time.
P-core, aka Proud2be-core is the bands trademark, lifestyle and more. Too little people nowadays are truly proud of who they are, where they live or what they have achieved so far. BurnOut ARE…proud to BE… . (P.S. not cocky, proud)
After an awesome release-show in 2008, great response on Studio Brussel ( and shows with bands such as: Born From Pain, Maroon, The Setup, Unleash The Fury, to name a few, BurnOut anno 2009 feel ready to present their P-core to the world!
While the calendar gets filled up, Kristiaan P. decides to leave the band. A perfect match is found in the person of Tranny P. BurnOut, again, is in full force.
Expect some nervous, anxious, fast-forward riff-changing tunes. Smoking guitar with a groovy bass and an unbelievable drum-attitude led by a two headed voice machine…BURNOUT is what you get.
The people are ready, BurnOut are ready, so let’s make it big in 2009. They left the game…they found the life! P2B!!!!
Thanx for the respect
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