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presently in lyon
rhone, France

Singer/Songwriter / Folk Rock

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I remember an evening with friends about 2 years ago, talking about changing the world and all that sort of things. We suggested that everybody should give himself a project to build up from start to finish. I then remember myself saying : i have written 3 songs. When I have 10, I'll put them all on a record.

In april 2006, I wrote "The Seeds", the tenth song. I had to keep my words or my friends would not leave me alone for years. So i started recording acoustic guitars and vocals with an old friend Yvon. I then started working on the songs, thinking of drums, strings and stuff. I wrote 2 other titles "I swear" and "When love comes to you" (which we didn't keep cos' it was a bit redundant with "Flowers"). When the recording was over and we started mixing, I thought that all this was not bad at all and that I could decently make a record to have people listen to.

Since the recording is over, I have written 4 more songs which I'd love to put on a record one of these years. When i have 10 ....
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