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Bruce Banner
Bruce Banner

New Rochelle
New York, United States

HipHop / Rap / Old School

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Name: Bruce Banner.

For those that don't know Bruce Banner is the name of the incredible Hulk. I chose the name because like Bruce Banner i feel i to have that green beast sleeping inside of me. Its such a dangerous rage that i dont like to let out. Whenever the green beast inside of me has made a public appearance it comes out i've been labeled wierd, mysterious, a beast, a monster but im none of the above. Im jus a humble misunderstood giant. Im a MC from the big apple New York, bronx specifically. I've lived in bronx, Rockland County and i currently reside in New Rochelle. I've been rapping since the 9th grade. What started out a hobby and a way to fit in with a certain group of people, has turned into a escape from the real world and into a world where i can do what i want, and say what i want. If i want to say FUCK YOU and YOUR ALLEGIANCE i will say it. I rap without thinking twice what you want to hear about. If you listen and feel my music then im glad that i can produce the good music thats bumping through your ipod. If not then "O well" i dont need your love nor your hate. I rap about what i see, what i live, and what should and can change in this world.

Influences: My Biggest influence of all time and all time favorite rapper is Eminem. Eminem is the reason i even listen to music. Until Eminem i never listened to music that much. Shit changed for me with his first single My Name Is. That song made me anticpate his first album and future ones. I dug as far back to his Infinite and Off The Wall album...amazing work on both..Eminem is not like most rappers not just because he is white, but because he is a born lyricist, battle rapper and song writer all things i aspire to achieve in doing music. He speaks from the heart and what he is feeling no matter who is against his lyrics. I guess you could say my dream is to do a hit song with eminem and have his input on my skills as a rapper. Untill then you guys be the judge. My other influences are: Nas, Jay-Z, Biggie, Royce Da 59, MF Doom, Wu tang clan, EPMD, 50 Cent, Jadakiss and so many more…
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