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New York, United States

HipHop / Rap

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Bronxmob was formed in the 1990's with DJ/Producer Hektek and childhood friends Joe Pope, Robert Ruckus, Vocab, Sinistyle, D.E.P.H. da Majesty growing up in the Bronx, New York. A up and coming multi-talented group of individuals bringing their own style and versatility to the forefront influenced by the many music pioneers from Hip Hop's birthplace. In the late 90's Bronxmob recorded rap demo tapes as a hobby at Hektek's home studio and would also take part in rap freestyle ciphers on the streets with other underground emcees from New York.

2000 The Bronxmob began collaborating with up coming rap artist from other parts of the U.S and Europe. 2002 taking their music serious they started working in the studio recording songs. 2003 Bronxmob independently promoted their first underground single "The Introduction" which was supported by DJ's who played the song on several Hip Hop radio shows, college radio stations across the U.S. and Europe. The single well received was featured on Puerto Rico's In The House (Hip Hop, Rap, Reggaeton) Magazine and on the compilation Album of Polish rap artist Gorzki "Rap Style 2". 2004 Bronxmob were featured on the Album of French rap group Alktraxx "Reve D' Enfant" single titled "That's underground".

Later that year The Bronxmob discovered and added to their group, young talented emcee/producer Da Bronx Profit based out of Connecticut. November of 2004 Bronxmob had the honer to make one of their first Live debut performances at The 30th Hip Hop Anniversary in NYC sharing the stage with legendary groups like Poor Righteous Teachers, Naughty by Nature. 2005 The Bronxmob made appearances at various events, college radio stations, cable access and commercial TV which included performing on (MUN2/Telemundo) "The Roof" 2006, The Puerto Rican Day festivals in The Bronx, NY and Brentwood, LI.

February 2007 The Bronxmob were givin an opportunity to have their Album distributed and released in Japan. Three months after the album's release Bronxmob were invited to Japan on a promotional tour to perform at several Hip Hop shows that included their album release party, and opening up for the G-unit fashion show / Lloyd Banks concert in Tokyo. The Japanese Hip Hop crowds cameout to support at all the shows which made it a success. The Bronxmob were also featured performing on the Real Street Dance Volume 2 DVD released in Asia. June 2007 Back in The Bronx the group signed to Blunt Squad Recordings independent music label who were about to release "The Bronxmob Album" in The U.S during the summertime, but were set back do to a family tragedy.

September 2007 The Album was promoted on underground radio stations throughout the U.S. soon after released online digital music stores. "The Bronxmob Album" contains 16 songs produced by Hektek along side the group bringing you lyrical tales from the inner city streets of the Bronx, NY. You could consider this album to be predominately underground rap music but it also features 3 potential club party bangers that will have you on the dance floor. Guest featured appearances by Blunt Squad/Bronxmob affiliates Sinistyle, King Kamonzi, Da Bronx Profit, and Alley Matill. The objective for this first installment is to bring that authentic Bronx sound to the Hip Hop fans, inspiring them with the Bronxmob movement. The group are currently working on their second album which will be more club and radio friendly. Bronxmob will be on tour this Summer of 2008, keep checking out the official Bronxmob website for show dates and locations...
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