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Part Of Me
#634 in Alternative SongVault Certified
Part Of Me
At the time
Adult Alternative
Length: 3:34
On Network Since Aug 25, 2008
Santa's Headed for the Keys
#2 in Seasonal / Holiday SongVault Finals
Santa's Headed for the Keys
Christmas Music
Seasonal / Holiday
Length: 3:27
On Network Since Aug 25, 2008
Brian Roberts
SongVault Certified Artist Brian Roberts

Big Pine Key
Florida, United States

Adult Alternative / Singer/Songwriter

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Traditionally a band man, Brian's first gig out of high school was as bassist for a Jersey Shore band called After Hours. After moving to the Florida Keys, he started playing bass for Caprock. Caprock morphed into The Prime Movers, which after 10 years and several players still performs at weddings and corporate parties in Key West.
In 1998, Brian started writing his own material. He found singing and playing his own stuff versus cover tunes a lot more rewarding - and at times - a bit scary. "It's easy to pull out 'Brown Eyed Girl' for people at a gig, but it's more of a challenge to get the same interest and response for original material - especially here in Margaritaville.
From the time I started writing, I've had a new respect for other unsigned original artists trying to make it."
Brian completed his second cd "Christmas Music" in November 2005. Brian charted as Sonicbids #1 Top Booked Artist in February 2005 and has bounced around the Top 10 ever since.
Also, Brian's photo has been selected to appear in a national ad campaign by the Bose Corporation. He uses their L1 cylindrical loudspeaker system at his live gigs.
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