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Brandon C
Brandon C

Kuala Lumpur
Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia

Pop / Singer/Songwriter

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What can I say? I'm some lunatic that runs around trying to make a living, get on with life, having all the fun & laughters. Happy memories is important to me. I wish I would be nice, sweet, generous, romantic, sensitive/observing or whatever so that I can give the love of my life a good future etc.

Other than that, I'm career-oriented, workaholic, friendly, just want to enjoy life. And I love FOOD! I will eat anything (except for allergies type & too spicy, can't take it...) Likes to travel a lot & mum thinks I'm too talkative. Dad thinks I'm too quiet. Sis? Well, who cares what she thinks. They claim I'm naughty (mischief is the word, to be exact!). Relatives will think I'm playful and always thinking about others but not caring myself enough.

Everyone claims I'm too skinny & needs to be fatter despite I eat a lot and can't gain anymore inches. My good buddy/bro Kit Siong is like a duplicate of me (that's what every one thinks!) but he's much more handsome and capable than me.

Likes to raid cinemas & music stores unlike Lara Croft doing tombs. Loves shopping and resorts are like havens to me. Food galores will be a next home to me & anything in life to be happy about.. that's where you find me. I'm on a role! :)

I've been asked to write as much (actually, asked to use all the character limits, by my manager) as I can but I've no idea what else I can write. You guys decide and tell me. Get to know me more and tell me. But be warned. I'm not handsome, I'm ugly & grumpy & nagging at times. Like an old grandfather.

Alternatively, you can tune in to my life via and get updated with me too.

I'm always online on ICQ, MSN, IRC, Yahoo!, Google Talk, Skype etc. Mail me to get in touch with me. There I'm done. :P~

Oh, last but not least...

I'm open to meet anyone and anybody who wants to know me and wants to be friends. Of cause, anything more than friends are also welcome... (*winks!*) hope my boss won't kill me for posting this.

1) Kind, Nice & Sweet
2) No evil do-ers (meaning, don't be a bad guy & do killing, drugs etc)
3) Friendly & sociable ones
4) Humorous is an advantage
5) Cute & adorable characters
6) so on & so forth...
7) oh lastly, just be yourself. I just want to be with friends, not fanatic loose cannons.. =P~
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