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brandon anderson
brandon anderson

las vegas
Nevada, United States

HipHop / Rap / HipHop / Rap

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Brandon T. Anderson

Born in Las Vegas, Nevada on the day of May 29th 1984.To his parents, mother, Carrie Lee Anderson Brown and father
Joseph Treadwell. Due to his premature birth, life seemed doubtful for his mother and father since they we're given only ten minutes to say there good byes, but fate chose other wise for Brandon T. Anderson and his parents.
As a young child Brandon Anderson (aka) blaze-5 had the same dreams as any other child having to grow up in the hood, which was to be a doctor or go to the NBA. With no inspirational out look on life music became a hobby, a get away from the Ill's of the world, starting with a radio with a microphone on it and rapping over other peoples complete songs, music started to become more of a dream then a hobby. As this inspiring artist one time quoted "man I swear we cut wires and made speakers and headphones into microphones just to make music", so as time went by his passion for music became his one true love.
This struggle for him to make good music and become noticed and be respected for his music seemed to be a never-ending obstacle and at times seemed impossible, but his determination kept him focused on his music and to become a rapper and get his music out in the world.
His sophomore year he did his first independent show for "BET", so him and his other group member from R.O. (Repeated Offenders) Mike Allen took the crowed on by storm with there electrifying lyrics and stage performance. Doing show after show and song after song they were offered there very first local recording deal with Jahma Entertainment, which took Repeated Offenders, added Mike's sister Rashelle and created a new group called 3way.
3way was a group of two uncut rappers (Blaze-5 and Mike) and an R&B/ Pop singer (Rashelle), which gave the group a unique blend and sound. 3way recorded a complete two songs before the group terminated the contracts due to unprofessional work. Before 3way terminated the contract they opened a show for "No Limit" and for a few other local shows.
After the break from 3way, a year later blaze-5 branched off to get his self established and to start an Entertainment company, so track after track and idea after idea being trashed and thrown out, he and a friend Reginald Wrencher (aka) Reggie or Rayshon finally came up with decision to name them selves "Da Empire Squad", and came up with an organization which consist of rappers, singers, dancers and ectů
Da Empire Squad won first place in the New York International Music Festival for best rap group out of Las Vegas in 2003. Blaze and Da Empire Squad were also chosen to perform in California for the (NYIMF). In early 2004 Da Empire Squad was selected to perform in a Black History show at Southern Utah University. There Las Vegas's councilmen Larry weekly discovered them and introduced them to Michael Garrett the chairmen of the Kappa League (leaders of tomorrow) who chose Blaze and Da Empire Squad to perform in Las Vegas's biggest annual show (The Unity Fest). Blaze and Da Empire Squad was the first rap group ever to set foot on that stage in front of 2500 people. Since that show a lot of door's has opened for the group Blaze is currently producing himself and a few other artist on Da Empire Squad new independent label (So Streetz Music). This young talented rapper has had everybody from Dr. Dre of Aftermath to Maani Edwards from Universal say he's hot so be on the look out for Blaze and Da Empire Squad in the near, near future.
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