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Brando Quin and RavenPheat
Brando Quin and RavenPheat

Arizona, United States

Adult Alternative / Indie Rock

Listen to Brando Quin and RavenPheat Glaxicon Music Announces the release of, “Brando Quin – Crossings” Music and Production by RavenPheat and Friends, voted their best 11 song Rock/Pop/Bluegrass/Jazz CD for 2008.

Brando Quin's music has changed the way we look at the world and is acknowledged by fans and musicians as original, unique and powerfully expressive. His vivid portrayal of an American working/struggling class life conveys the dashed hopes, loss, and heartbreak implicit in living the American Dream appealing to fans who enjoy the likes of Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash and Peter Gabriel. The CD is now available for distribution in over 80 countries internationally, go to

Central AZ (PRWEB) April 1, 2008 -- Glaxicon Music in conjunction with RavenPheat Recording Studios and LuLu Publishing Company releases the 11 song American-Life Rock/Pop/Bluegrass CD, "Brando Quin - Crossings" Music and Production by RavenPheat and Friends -- Starring Brando Quin Lead Singer, Song Lyrics Writer and Melodies Composer, Producer John Mahoney Music, Arrangement and Production also featured on Rhythm Guitars, MIDI Sounds, Percussion and Native Flutes, Tim Sadow Lead Violin, Todd Larsen Lead Guitar, Michele Sarrett Backup Vocalist, Dan King Saxophonist, Ted Hale Trombonist, Sule Greg Wilson Lead Banjo, and Daphne Adato backup vocalist.

Brando Quin opens up once again and draws us into his rich Irish/English American heritage giving us yet another award winning album of unique, original, expressive and harmonic American-life Rock/Pop/Bluegrass/and Jazz music.

The Award Winning CD contains ten original songs written and composed by Brando including, "She Left Yesterday", "A PhotoGenic Woman" and "The Peruvian Queen" as an additional bonus feature Brando sings, "Wonderful Tonight" written by Eric Clapton from his award winning 2001 album Unplugged/Clapton Chronicles: The Best of Eric Clapton. Eric Clapton nicknamed Slowhand, is a Grammy Award-winning English rock guitarist, singer, songwriter and composer. He is one of the most successful musicians of the 20th and 21st centuries, garnering an unprecedented three inductions into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (The Yardbirds, Cream, and Solo). He is one of Brando's longtime admired influences as a fellow Musician/Singer/Songwriter, licensing provided by HFA. (Clapton, Wikipedia, 2008)

"Brando Quin - Crossings" opens another chapter in Brando's life that captures the fallen dreams, lost hopes and yearning truths of American life experienced during Brando Quin's years of travels throughout America, Canada, Mexico, UK, Ireland, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Mr. Quin's music is acknowledged by fans and musicians as original, unique and powerfully expressive. His vivid portrayal of an American working/struggling class life conveys the dashed hopes, loss, and heartbreak implicit in living the American Dream.

“[Brando Quin’s] music is F*ckin' Wicked...[Livin a Hard Life from his album The Journey] was soooo damn cool and loping, draggin like a New Orleans Funeral march. YES IT SHO'NUFF DO. All of the instrumentation and the vocal delivery were just about as good as they come in this genre, or any other for that matter. I really dug the violin and the over all timing, rhythm and syncopation of the piece. I'll end by saying Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, John Lurie!! And how about a Jim Jarmush soundtrack. If that means anything to these musicians then I think I got it. Sorry for the profanity but these guys are f*ckin' awesome!!!"--UrbanRootsman Los Angeles, California February 23rd, 2008 (Garageband review, 2008)

"Brando Quin- Crossings" marks the return of Brando's classic form; desperation, honesty, humor, arousing integrity and sensitivity. The album is a continuation from Brando's award winning CD, "Brando Quin The Journey" released by Glaxicon Music in 2007 which was nominated for and won multiple awards at Garageband run by CEO Ali Partovi. Ali established himself as an entrepreneur by co-founding LinkExchange, which was acquired by Microsoft for $265 million in 1998. In 2002 Ali led the effort to save from being shut down and has been with the company ever since.

“Livin A Hard Life” the #6 song of the album a bluegrass down on your luck song was nominated for and won, Track of the Day on 24Aug2007 in Blues Rock Best Male Vocals in Blues Rock, week of 8Oct2007 Best Lyrics in Blues Rock, week of 8Oct2007 Best Lyrics in Blues Rock, week of 26Nov2007 Best Melody in Blues Rock, week of 8Oct2007 Best Mood overall, week of 1Oct2007 Best Mood in Blues Rock, week of 1Oct2007 Most Original overall, week of 8Oct2007 Most Original overall, week of 26Nov2007 Most Original in Blues Rock, week of 20Aug2007 Most Original in Blues Rock, week of 3Sep2007 Most Original in Blues Rock, week of 17Sep2007 Most Original in Blues Rock, week of 1Oct2007 Most Original in Blues Rock, week of 8Oct2007 Most Original in Blues Rock, week of 26Nov2007 and Potential Soundtrack in Blues Rock, week of 26Nov2007.

Brando's songs exemplify his own personal Irish/English American ethics, philosophy and determination which says, "If you get knocked down ten times, you get up eleven."—This album places Brando Quin and RavenPheat on the prized list of up and coming bands who have completed one album per year since the release of their initial debut album.

"Nice Piece of Folk-Rock...Immediately liked the inclusion of harmonica. Gives the song the promise of nice flavor. The vocals are very solid, the lyrics Dylan-esque. Although [Brando Quin’s] voice quality is better than Bob Dylan. I liked the varied percussion choices. The rhythm guitar felt really simple for the most part, to my usual taste, but it was appropriate within the context of the song-style. The exception here was in the bridge/duet, that was a great piece of harmony and added great flavor. In fact the lead guitar coloring was nice throughout. Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Mood."--KClick Rocklin, California, December 16th, 2007 (Garageband Review, 2007)

Our rating system for the album, "Brando Quin - Crossings"

The Good-$$$$$

She Left Yesterday (Jazz) – A boy meets girl, girl leaves boy song of love gone wrong. I’m Just a Ford Pickup Drivin Man (Progressive Rock) – A Prom King and Queen re-unite after years have gone by with two very different stories of life to tell. A Photogenic Woman (Bluegrass) – Brando’s 2001 breakup with Peruvian fashion model Maria Lopez leaves us wondering if the relationship was really just a waste of time? Lonely (Progressive Rock) – Can life within a relationship be as lonely without a relationship? A Half a Check Man (Rock and Roll) – Garnished wages after a divorce can lead to a bitter existence and a new relationship with Jack Daniels.

The Average -$$$

I Already Miss You (Alternative Rock) – Is it possible to miss and never forget somebody you’ve only met once? The 8th Wonder of My World (Pop) – Who say’s there can only be 7 wonders of the world, they’ve obviously never met the most beautiful woman in the world. Shambles (Hard Rock) – Have you ever felt lost in such a busy world, caught up in a whirlwind? A Teardrop Upon my Pillow (Slow Rock) – a She left nothing behind except a teardrop on a pillow song. The Queen of Peruvian Land (Alternative Rock) - A hot lurid love affair song that takes place in Las Vegas? "Wonderful Tonight" (Classic Rock) – Written by Eric Clapton and performed by Brando Quin, Michele Sarrett and Daphne Adato, this classic is revisited as one of Rock Legends all time great love ballads.

The Bad - $ - None.

About the Musicians: In 2007 Brando Quin and RavenPheat were filmed in their debut music video by award winning director Robert Reid, “The (nfl’s) Sofa League of Heroes” gaining popularity with Football fans across America.

Producer John Mahoney of RavenPheat Recording Studios Phoenix Arizona is the Music, Arrangement, Mix and Production Guru of the album. John is also featured playing Rhythm Guitars, Native Flute, Bass, Percussion/Drums, Keyboards and MIDI sounds.

Violinist Tim Sadow plays with The Brazen Heads and Walt Richardson. He has also played in the 1st violin section of the Tempe Symphony. Raised as a classical violinist in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he has performed and recorded in just about every style of music since relocating to Phoenix. Tim has also performed with other Phoenix-area acts as well as doing freelance session work and providing private violin instruction.

Todd Larsen our lead guitarist is originally from North Dakota and is now living in Atlanta Georgia. Todd is also known as "The Albino Squirrel" to his fans he has been a musician for over 34 years, 26 as lead guitarist. Todd also writes and performs music in the Atlanta Georgia area, but always finds time for some fishing with his daughter.

Backup Vocalist, Michele Sarrett's Christian/Country/Classical opera trained voice has been singing for over 30 years, she currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona and has recently branched out on her own, completing her debut award winning single, "Bleed Into My Veins".

Dan King our smoky smooth Saxophone player has been playing the Phoenix, Arizona music scenes for years. He currently plays with a 20 piece Duke Ellington styled big band called “Sonoran Swing”, and a lyrical blues funk and reggae influenced band, “Cousin Affect”. Dan’s music was recently featured in a motion picture titled, "Rigged".

Ted Hale our blazing Trombonist has toured, performed and recorded with Bob Hope, Dionne Warwick, The Spinners, Jim Nabors, Patti Page and many others. He has served as the General Manager of the Midland-Odessa Symphony & Chorale and currently performs with the Tempe AZ Symphony Orchestra. He has a Doctorate in Music and Higher Education Administration from Indiana University.

Our true to his art Banjo Player, Sule Greg Wilson has over thirty years experience as a percussionist, dancer and folklorist. He currently plays banjo & percussion with the Carolina Chocolate Drops, Sankofa Strings and the Repeat Offenders. A native of Washington, DC, Wilson lived in New York for fourteen years before moving to the Phoenix area. He has performed with Mike Seeger, Tony Trishka, Babatunde Olatunji, Abraham Laboriel, Taj Mahal, and danced with the International Afrikan American Ballet.

About the passionate Co-Producer/Lead Singer/Songwriter/Melody Composer/and Arranger of the CD, "Brando Quin - Crossings" Music and Production by RavenPheat and Friends.

Brando Quin has performed in United States Air Force entertainment competitions, live theatre, stage productions and in film and television. He has traveled through 49 of 50 United States, UK, Ireland, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Mexico, Canada, The Bahama's, Peru, and Japan.

He is a member of BMI, The Arizona Songwriters Association, and The LA Indie Film Group. Brando is the award winning author of the three volume book series, "My Poetry Books; by a Frightened Man" the author of the novel and screenplay, "The Master Painter" and the Lead Singer/Songwriter and Melody Composer of the award winning albums, "Brando Quin My Life" and “Brando Quin The Journey”. Brando Quin’s recent musician awards include Best Male Vocals, Best Lyrics, Multi-Track of the Day awards, Track of the Week, Best Melody, Best Mood, Most Original Songs and several Potential Soundtrack awards. In 2008 Brando was awarded the Fellow Poet Pin and Medallion from Noble House of London England in honor of his creative works.

He is a man who grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada, "The most dangerous place in the world, Sin City". Brando then traveled the world striving to see his adventures and life from a "normal" person's perspective. After returning to the United States, Brando began writing music, poetry, short stories, his first novel and screenplay and now his third musical album, as well as continuing to draw, sketch, and finally returning to canvas and oil painting. He is a former U.S. Air Force Airman and a former U.S. Marine; he has served on the front lines of combat during the Gulf War Conflict. Brando's hobbies have included pilot, scuba diver, skiing, tennis, racquetball, racing and golf. He has attended the following Colleges and University; Eastern Arizona College, Clark County Community College, The Community College of the Air Force, Chapman University and Kaplan University. Brando Quin currently lives in Central Arizona.

About RavenPheat Recording Studios: A personable and peaceful recording studio catering to musical creativity and the spoken word, placing Respect, Integrity & Honesty above all else.

About Lulu Publishing Company: Founded in 2002, Lulu is the world's fastest-growing print-on-demand marketplace.

About A place for budding musicians to get heard and sell their stuff

About Glaxicon LLC: Founder/CEO Brando Quin

About CD Baby: The fastest growing Music Retail outlet for budding musicians

Support Independent Musicians, CD now available at and in select stores and retail outlets.

*****Note to media folks: Brando Quin would like to send you a special demo CD of his work for review. To request your complimentary copy, send an e-mail to Be sure to include your address and media affiliation. ###

What people at Garageband are saying about, "Brando Quin - Crossings"

"Lonely"-- “Andy Capp's Theme Song…To me this sounds alt-country combined with an English or Irish drinking song. The song definitely brings to mind the image of the stale atmosphere of an English pub at closing time. The violins were a nice touch as well. This is the king of song Andy Capp would be singing after being thrown out the house for beating the wife. Extra Credit: Mood, Best Potential Movie Soundtrack.”--Misanfopic Akron, Ohio April 22nd, 2008

"The Doors and classic rock guitar licks...I really like the singer, he has a very unique sound. He almost sounds almost like a mix between Jim Morrison, David Bowie, and Johnny Cash! The lyrics are really cool. The raunchy guitar licks have a great effect of bringing out the lyrics and sound really classic rock. The bass is great at holding down the fort while the singer and guitarist take the spotlight. The lurking organ in the background meshes with the vocals to give off that Doors vibe. I like this song, it has a great mood, a very unique sound, and the guitarist can rip a mean lick. The one thing that would've helped this song is a more interesting percussion track...But otherwise, it was a cool song! Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Lyrics, Mood, Originality."--JKarner Madison, Wisconsin April 24th, 2008

"Nice : ) Really well recorded, well written, love the guitar tone, wish i could make my guitar sound like that :) Extra Credit: Guitars, Production."--Grave_dust Hell, Louisiana, Slovakia April 24th, 2008

"Vocals put on the very foreground...Starts with a special drum rhythm. Then vocals start, put on the very foreground, a characteristic voice. I like the move of the guitars, accords flow around in a original way. The sound is full, there is a clear theme in it. The manipulated background choir is fantastic, followed by a...

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