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Brad Wilson
Brad Wilson

Los Angeles
California, United States

Blues / Rock

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Brad Wilson is a shreddin' guitarist, rockin the blues throughout the state of California. Brad and his band play up and down the state every weekend, at Harley Davidson events, music venues, casinos, blues and rock clubs, motorcycle rallies, fairs and festivals. They perform over 150 shows a year. The crowds love them.

Brad's music has been featured in John Carpenter's last two films and soundtracks (Vampires and Ghosts Of Mars) and the NBC soap, Passions, has used his music for years. He has released ten albums, including Home, Power Blues Guitar, Cities & Songs, Rockin' The Sunset Strip Vol. 1-5 and his solo album, Brad Wilson . His music is compared to Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton, Gregg Allman and B.B. King, with elements of country stars Hank Williams, Jr. and Jimmy Buffett.

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