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Bobby Cargill
Bobby Cargill

Texas, United States

Country / Easy Listening

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Bobby Cargill's talent and desire for music goes as far back as the age of four when he picked up his older brother's guitar and began to play with his first on stage performance being at the young age of six at Lakeside Elementary School, Plainview, Texas. His performing abilities continued during his school years when Bobby would play and sing for his classmates at various functions including FFA Banquet, local parking lot gatherings, get togethers on his family's front porch, parties and school dances.
It is no surprise this Texas "Ordinary Man" is a lifelong music man. Coming from an ancestry of performers which include actor Sunset Carson, an American Western Star/Actor of the 1940's and Henson Cargill, American Country Music Singer best known for the 1968 #1 hit "Skip a Rope". Always surrounded by music, Bobby would spend time in his room with his guitar rehearsing while other children were outside playing.
Back in his West Texas home town where Bobby's dad had attended school with the legendary Jimmy Dean, Bobby had his hair cut by Mrs. Dean (Jimmy Dean's mother) the first six years of his life. Bobby fondly thinks of Mrs. Dean like a grandmother.
Bobby's dream of recording has come true and now he can share the enthusiasm he has for music with an ever growing audience that is finding, listening to and enjoying his first CD, 'Ordinary Man'. The twelve song recording is full of well crafted, very heart felt songs he has written, produced and sung himself. Indications are he will have a long career ahead of him as a singer/songwriter. His song "So Much In Love" is currently at #1 on Cash Box Easy Listening Global Chart and has also crossed over at #39 on Cash Box Top Pop Single Chart. "Heaven's Door" has crossed into the Country Gospel, currently at #23. The reaction to his music continues to inspire Bobby to write and dream again about new recordings in the future. Always reflective about how far he has come with his Musical Dream and how his Family has played such an important part since the beginning. As a young boy growing up in Texas he still fondly recalls times when he attended country music concerts with his Mother, Bobbie, and, if he was lucky, on occasion he would wait around after the show to get a chance to meet the stars in person. Most memorable to Bobby was the time Conway Twitty spent over five minutes talking with him and sharing his thoughts on life and music telling Bobby to "Never Give Up", this was an inspiration to Bobby and it made him believe in his own talents to have a career in Country Music. This same spirit and view on life continues with him today.
At one of the earliest concerts Bobby can recall, it was not a meeting with a star, but more of an interference with a stage show that makes Bobby laugh in telling friends and in interviews. It happened when Bobby was eight years old and was fortunate to be in the first row of an 'Opry' style country music show. Bobby had just finished off a bag of popcorn and was soon to find out that he was going to put a 'pop' into the show. The theater was packed at a Teddy and Doyle Wilburn Brothers show. The Brothers were a very popular duo at the time on Decca Records and headlined shows all over North America. They were also very helpful in the early career of Loretta Lynn. But on this night in Texas, it would be an eight year old Bobby Cargill who stopped the show. No, he wasn't entertaining, he was just eating popcorn. As he always did as a kid, he blew air into the bag and without thinking of the show going on, popped it loudly. His Mother quickly bumped him on the shoulder to show her displeasure and the Wilburn Brothers, taken aback, interrupted their show and laughed at Bobby's antics. Later that week
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