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Bob Noxious
Bob Noxious

Ontario, Canada

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Bob J. Reid—vocals/guitar
Jeffy B. —guitar
Stan —bass

“There’s no sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll in music anymore. We’re here to bring it back and we’re proud of it. We’re not selling out! People are buying in,” grins Bobnoxious singer/guitarist Bob. J. Reid.

Raucous. Gritty. Bombastic. In-your-face rock ‘n’ roll that would make Bon Scott raise his glass again.. It’s the description many a band would die for, yet it doesn’t begin to touch the blaring, energetic, over-the-top spectacle that is this London, Ontario four piece two fisted, twisted rock’n’roll band.

Let’s face it: there’s a reason they’re called Bobnoxious. They don’t fuckin’ care what people think. Proof-positive lies in the must-see stage show replete with smashed guitars, blow-up dolls, oversized hot air balloon banners, cannons, beach balls, bobble heads, trash can drum kits, police taunts and questioning from notable artists as to, “how are we supposed to follow that live.” The insanity never stops.

In fact, it’s only starting as Bobnoxious’ sophomore full-length—concept effort Rockaholics: The Fun Drinking Game (Wannabe/Fontana North)—winds up for attack.

That’s right…a concept album. Like none you’ve heard before. Following a day in the life of a Rockaholic (Reid’s pet name for diehard Bobnoxious fans), Rockaholics is part anthemnic rock record/part wasted drinking game.

“It’s a drinking concept album,” laughs Reid. “There are so many concept albums out there, but only we would think of getting hammered as a concept.”

To play the Rockaholics cd/drinking game,each player brings out—shot glass, five ounces of your choice of alcohol, seven beers, one loud stereo and friends—Rockaholics go shot-for-song (Notes Reid, “If you can’t drink a beer by the first song, you shouldn’t be playing.”) as they rage away with tracks such as “Somethin’s Going On,” hilarious ‘ballad,’ “Baby, It’s Not My Fault,” and the first single that has you singing along instantly, “Shoulda Been Nice To Me”. Finish a drink per song and earn your very own Rockaholic Diploma. We encourage our fans to party hard.”

And they encourage in return with unheralded devotion. From outselling Johnny Cash and Nelly Furtado on hometown sales scans to a holiday album that incited near-riots upon selling out and song “Big Cannons” being awarded Number One Party Song of 2005 by London, Ontario’s FM96, the ravenous Bobtoxication is unending, not unlike the band’s own intense energy and infectious enthusiasm. Even to the discredit of a limp music industry.

“I remember when a certain record company exec told me ‘Big Cannons’ would never get on the radio,” sneers Reid. “Guess who I sent a copy of my SOCAN cheque to when it was awarded #1 Party Song of 2005… with a sincere ‘Fuck you’ attached.”

Indeed. With the band’s work constantly featured on Southern Ontario radio and stints with theatre-sized acts rolling in, the hysteria only proves to be heightening with Rockaholics and its straightforward, bare-bones rock ‘n’ roll drive.Sharing the stage with some of Canada’s premier acts (Tragically Hip,Theory of a Dead Man,Thornly,Default to name a few) The positive product of Reid’s more negative personal tribulations, Bobnoxious has always maintained a “fuck everything” air. It dominated their eponymous debut and as Reid notes, still rests comfortably within the confines of Rockaholics, denoting an amusing side to the serious undertone of the band.

“I’d say—especially in the context of Rockaholics—there’s more of a sarcastic bitch than a tirade with Bobnoxious,” he chuckles. “There’s still the ‘fuck off’ attitude…but now I’ve got a beer in my hand.”

“It’s a tongue-in-cheek fuck you,” he says in mock-tirade. “We want to stay away from the same old bullshit rock has fallen into. I don’t care…give ‘em attitude. Don’t hold back. Tell ‘em you 4:20 and drink. There are no bands like that anymore. That’s why people get wasted, laugh and love us. We encourage it. We refuse to hold back. We are the party kings. Want us to prove it? Sit down and play with us. Think you can fuckin’ drink? Let’s go.”

And when it comes to the music industry in general, the penultimate Rockaholic has only one thing to say: “You have a choice : work with us now or deal with us later.”

Cheers Fuckers!
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