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Bob Follett
Bob Follett

St. John;s
Newfoundland, Canada

Christian Country / Christian Folk

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Robert Follett is a native Newfoundlander, Growing up in St.John's. From a very early age, he realized that he had recieved the gift of music. Robert can play a multitude of instrument's including, the guitar, the acordian and also the banjo just to name a few. He can also Sing many tunes of his own, and of those from the 60's, 70's and 80's.He was allways encouraged to follow his musical talens by both his mother and father, Henry and Marg Follett. He was also encouraged by his brother Charlie and his sister Lorraine. Later in his life he recieved alot of encouragement from his wife, children and grandchildren. W ithin the last ten years , Robert has changed the style of his writing . He began writing different lyrics, which were now all about Jesus. Robert realized that the "Heavenly Talent Giver" had new plans for him , so Robert began writing as fast as the Holy Spirit gave him the words . In his CD are eleven of those special songs . Waiting on paper , yet to be recorded are twenty more . Robert Hopes you will enjoy these blessed songs , and that before long , you'll be singing them also .
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